Saturday, June 25, 2022




A simple fabric can say a lot about someone. A garment can be a universal language on how someone is, how they feel, but mainly, how they express themselves. When hearing about political fashion, others may see that as dressing to make a statement for a social change. When discussing politics, many opinions and facts are stated when speaking on a candidate’s words, character, and morals. However, have you ever looked at a potential candidate for office and analyzed what they’ve been wearing?

As elections come up, it’s important to understand who’s running and who you stand for as an individual. However, how they dress can speak multitudes on who they are. As some listen and analyze the words of what a potential candidate says, others will take what they’re wearing into consideration.

Black women are currently on the rise into higher elected positions such as Mayors, Governors, Senators, and more. As we learned in August, Politician, Lawyer and California Senator Kamala Harris is now the Democratic Vice President nominee for 2020. Many have educated themselves on things she has done and the power she has, but she is also known for wearing her suits. In the past, it wasn’t deemed acceptable for a woman to wear a suit. As time progressed, women such as Harris proved that no matter what gender, it’s okay to dress how you see fit.

Clothing may not seem important when it comes to an election yet how one presents themselves shows they’re confident and there for the right reasons. Would you elect someone who showed up to a debate or speech in a wrinkled shirt? Someone who isn’t aware of how to color coordinates their ensemble? A person not representing themselves as you see they should and representing the future?

Candidates have an added pressure when it comes to the words they say, so sometimes how they dress could be the last thing on their mind. Considering what you wear is important because a candidate will potentially be representing a big body of people. I think of the infamous words my mother used to tell me when I would go out somewhere or put on a certain type of clothing: “Remember who you’re representing.”

Dressing for comfort, to be unique, and make a statement are some options in how one may execute themselves as a person. Looking at the way a candidate dresses and represents themselves may not be the number one thing you pay attention to. However, the way someone walks and uses interpersonal skills will make that statement they need in radiating confidence.

Former House of Representatives member, American politician, lawyer, and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams is another prime example of a Black woman with a very important role  and sense of style. Known for wearing beautiful knee length dresses, Abrams showcases comfort and confidence when it comes to how she presents herself. Not all politicians wear pants suits, so it’s great to see how diverse people can be with their ensembles.

Whether the potential candidate wears a suit or dress, that doesn’t matter. All in all, how they walk in confidence in their own style determines who they are. Actions speak louder than words and actions involve how they present their styles. Whether it be a patterned colored tie or a bright red pantsuit, see if they put an effort into how they look. Pay attention to the small things. If they can put together an outfit with a statement or purpose, that could possibly reflect what they could do for a community.