Thursday, May 26, 2022
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The original definition of the noun resonance is said to be a sound that is deep or heavy. However, the word has other uses beyond sound. For example, another definition of the word resonance is to produce an emotional attachment which is something that many companies do in the form of resonance marketing. This is a form of marketing done to attract your audience in a manner that intensifies their values and enhances the chances of the desired outcome. A particular collaborative effort that utilizes this technique is called Resonance, a collection of companies that market their fashion brands as sustainable. Co-founded by CEO Christian Gheorghe, Joseph Ferrara, and Lawrence Lenihan. They use resonance marketing on their website by emphasizing certain words to communicate their intended tone and meaning to their audience. For example, the usage of the bolded words “sustainable” and “no inventory” may inspire someone who is already looking for more ethical sources of clothing. 

Resonance is able to encapsulate their mission of “sustainable and valuable fashion brands with no inventory” due to a software platform called create.ONE. create.ONE is a platform that is used to sketch out the design and pattern of a clothing item, sell it, and make it without any unnecessary personnel. This company makes sure to execute its process in this exact order to only produce in-demand products. Resonance says, “If you don’t manufacture clothing on-demand, you are not sustainable.” Therefore, they advertise the product design and only manufacture it once bought. This process minimizes the production of waste and prevents unwanted clothing from ending up in landfills.

Recently Resonance started the beResonant campaign, advocating for black creators to make their fashion brand with the use of their create.ONE platform. In light of recent events, America received another wake-up call to address the systemic racism that is embedded in the roots of this country; a country that participates in the injustices towards black people. Therefore, Resonance wants to bring change to an industry that often ignores diverse creators by providing a platform for ten black creators to get a head start in their fashion career. They will work with the creators and bring their visions to life while keeping their brand eco-friendly. Resonance will supply the chosen ten creators with everything they need, including financial support, special services, and certain products to conceive the chosen applicants’ brand. 

The application for the first-ever beResonant class closed on June 30th and the chosen candidates were contacted for interviews by July 9th. Final decisions were made on July 21st to officially start the program on July 27th. The creative process has begun which demands about 40 hours of work a week for the next 4 months. The creators are expected to devote their time and energy to creating a brand that speaks to them and their future customers. They will also be in charge of managing their brand, but they will have the help of the beResonant Council to aid them in this process since the creators were not required to have any previous experience. The beResonant Council consists of 15 well-versed leaders of the fashion industry. Most of the council members have years of experience in the fashion industry such as Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra. Some have their own clothing company like Beth and Chris Gibbs, have studied retail and design at renowned fashion schools such as FIT or Parsons like Jerome Lamaar and Clark Sabbat. Few council members even worked with big brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Versace, while others have more experience on the business side of the process such as Travis Rundlet and Warren Satchell. Together they will assist a new generation of black designers in fulfilling their dreams