Wednesday, May 25, 2022




By Sydney Burnett

In a whirlwind of tweets on June 26th Kanye ended his month-long twitter hiatus and announced the collaboration between his fashion label, Yeezy and well-known clothing retailer, Gap. Many musicians are no stranger to branching into the fashion industry. Clothing lines designed by Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Jay-Z, and others have given fans something more to love than just their music. 


When Kanye launched his brand in late 2015 with Adidas, the famous line of shoes quickly sold out. Ever since, the Yeezy design studio has launched subsequent seasons that have fans coming back over and over. Kanye’s most recent line, set to debut in early 2021, is in collaboration with Gap. Said to be a 10-year deal, the line will include modern elevated basics for men, women, and children at affordable price points. The aim is to make the famous Yeezy brand more accessible to the everyday consumer. The Gap brand has been struggling to revive its revenue over the past couple of years and anticipates this move will bring excitement and vision to the fading brand. West has praised the brand as early back as 2015 and expressed great interest in working with them for many years. 

Credit: New York Times

Each piece will be priced at a value under $100 and will be available to customers both in-store and online. Due to Yeezy’s ongoing collaboration with Adidas, footwear will not be offered through the Yeezy Gap collection. Even without West’s iconic footwear, this collaboration is projected to generate around $1 billion in the first five years of its sale, according to the Times. Following the announcement Gap’s shares increased by up to 40%. 


Kanye has been a respected creative for many years now and has more than staked his claim in both the music and fashion industry. However, it is unclear whether his recent fits on twitter or his questionable bid for president will have many wondering his ability to serve as a reliable businessman. Ultimately, much remains undetermined with the fate of the collection, but it is clear that Yeezy Gap 2021 may not be a bad bet.

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