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[Raveena – Stronger / Still Dreaming / Lovers Rock (Sade Cover) (Live) 2019]

Who is Raveena?

Originally from Queens, New York City, Raveena Aurora, mononymously known as Raveena, is an American R&B, pop, and experimental singer and songwriter. She has been writing songs since she was 13, but it was right after she graduated college that she wrote her debut EP, “Shanti,” which was released in 2017. The Indian-American artist gained more recognition when her first album, Lucid, was released in 2019. She’s known for creating R&B, Soul, Jazz and Folk fusion music. Raveena has displayed her Indian heritage in several of her music videos.

Music and Songwriting

Raveena’s music is said to be mystical, healing and angelic. She’s known for talking about empowerment and her life struggles in her music. The track “Stronger” and “Salt Water,”  are about her experience as a sexual assault and abuse survivor. Her song “Mama,” from the album “Lucid,” is a song Raveena dedicated to her mother and all immigrant mothers. In an interview with Vogue, the Sikh-American singer said that she “wanted to look more deeply into the unique relationship we have as first-generation immigrants.” The album features a track, “Nani‘s Interlude” [‘Nani‘ means maternal grandmother in Hindi] with Raveena’s grandmother talking about how everyone should appreciate life while it lasts. Lastly, “Petal,” is about self-love and nature.

[Gal-dem.com – Photography by Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid]

Must listen songs:

  1. “Honey” – “Honey” (Single 2018)
  2. “Nectar” – Lucid (2019)
  3. “Temptation” – “Temptation” (Single 2018)
  4. “If Only” – Shanti (EP 2017)
  5. “Headaches” – Moonstone (EP 2020)

The musical Journey

Raveena takes audiences on an emotional and physical roller coaster full of self-love, pain, acceptance and healing. In an interview with Siya Bahal for Gal-Dem, she said, “I want to make music to heal – that’s emotional and embraces the softest parts of people’s beings.” Her songs are able to capture the listener through her simple and minimalistic lyrics and music with a variety of instruments.

Raveena has completed a seven-city sold out US tour, and has slightly over one million Spotify listeners. Her song “Honey” has raked about 2.2 million views on YouTube.

“Music is all feeling” (Raveena)

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