Saturday, June 25, 2022
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With the COVID-19 pandemic, people find themselves changing their lifestyles to maintain a healthy physical state while continuing their previous way of living. So many aspects of everyday life have changed for people across the world, such as basic social interactions, interactions with public settings, and certain daily routines. After the world handles this epidemic, life will definitely be altered in ways we are already noticing today. We can no longer treat personal space between people as a simple precaution… We must maintain a healthy distance between ourselves in order to protect everyone.

I walked into Lowe’s to look for a mirror for my new bathroom, and when I went to buy my items, I realized there are plastic dividers at each checkout aisle to protect both the cashier and the customer. This is only one of the changes I have noticed during this time.  

I have seen stickers that say ‘6 feet apart please!’ on the ground or signs that gently remind us of our space between strangers with social distancing being a new, important element of our routines. This world seems so vastly different from the world I grew up in, with special handshakes, hugs, and special greetings.

More changes will take place, though, and we are living through this revolutionary experience. I’m seeing the smallest differences in my surroundings like how people avoid me on the path when I go on runs because of social distancing or how waiters and waitresses wear masks for extended periods of time.

The restaurants and cafés I usually go to proudly display the health measures they are taking to ensure the safety of their customers with their dine-in and delivery options.

I miss basic human interaction, seeing the bottom half of a stranger’s face so I know if they smiled or frowned when we passed by in the grocery store. I wipe down every item I buy with a bleach-infused rag or deeply wash newly-thrifted clothes with extra care.

I no longer open doors or press elevator buttons with open hands and eager fingers but with awareness of those who may have touched those surfaces before me, infecting them for however many days.  

I guess this is just the new normal.