Tuesday, May 24, 2022




Videos of Black people such as George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery being killed opened the eyes of Americans. Each state is protesting in their own manner in showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Here is the most recent news on Washington D.C. and each state after weeks of rallies. 

  • Washington D.C: Fox News reported: “DC mayor used over ‘Black Lives Matter’ street painting.”
  • Alabama: “Black Lives Matter” was painted in colorful colors where a slave market once stood. According to CBS42, Birmingham is considering renaming 16th Street to Black Lives Matter Boulevard. 
  • Alaska: Residents peacefully protest to support Black Lives Matter.
  • Arizona: The mayor of Tucson unveiled a Black Lives Matter banner at City Hall. On June 19th , residences gathered in downtown Phoenix to celebrate Juneteenth, the holiday that celebrates the last deliverance of African Americans from slavery. 
  • Arkansas: The Boston Globe published an article titled “Black Lives Matter in a haven for white supremacists.” St. Paul’s Episcopal Church raised a Black Lives Matter banner and refused to take it down. 

  • California: Mitch O’Farrell, a member of the Los Angeles city council, tweeted “UPDATE: I have ordered crews to stop the removal of the ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER art installation on #Hollywood Blvd. Repairs will now be made so its powerful message can continue resonating from #Hollywood to the rest of the world. #AllBlackLivesMatter” 

  • Colorado: Activists discuss the June 19th and Black Lives Matter movement. 
  • Connecticut: Residents continue to protest in support of Black Lives Matter.
  • Delaware: Delaware State Police are investigating a “Black Lives Matter” painting. They released the following story: “*UPDATE*- Cash reward offered for information regarding vandalized Delaware State Police Law Enforcement Memorial- Dover.”
  • Florida: A Florida man escaped to Orlando after slaying Black Lives Matter activists. Fox News reported, “A Florida man is in custody in connection with the deaths of a 19-year-old activist in the movement for racial equality and a 75-year-old woman.” 
  • Georgia: The Guardian reported: “The white Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks was charged with murder.” 
  • Hawaii: News Now reported the story “Hawaii one of the few states that don’t officially recognize Juneteenth. There’s a push to change that.”
  • Idaho: The medical workers community stood with Black Lives Matter. The Idaho Statesman reported, “Hundreds of health care workers, students and supporters gathered at the steps of the Idaho Capitol on Saturday morning to once more support the Black Lives Matter movement.”
  • Illinois: Belleville News-Democrat reported: “About 30 people gathered outside Empire Comfort System in Belleville on Friday afternoon before marching downtown in a Black Lives Matter protest planned by an employee who has accused the company of allowing racial discrimination and producing a calendar that included artwork he and other organizers deemed racist.”
  • Indiana: Fox59 published an article titled, “Indy churches participate in ‘Black Lives Matter Sunday’ to pray, support movement.” 
  • Iowa: Protesters demand the name of Catt Hall at Iowa State University to be changed because it embraced white supremacy. 


  • Kansas: Black Lives Matter protests have continued for three weeks straight in Kansas City. 
  • Kentucky: Black Lives Matter protestors received support from rural towns. Lexington Herald Leader said, “Morehead Organizer Autumn Dennis said it was important to be an ally to the black community in her town.”
  • Louisiana: Peaceful protestors encountered anti-black Lives Matter sentiments. According to Brproud, among the Trump supporters, one female counter-protested repeating, “I support the police.” 
  • Maine: The News Center Maine reported that “Portland police respond to city Black Lives Matter protests.”
  • Maryland: Black Lives Matter was painted on the street in Patterson Park, which for residents is a sign of hope. 

  • Massachusetts: A Boston article shared five ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement in Boston, which are “write to tell your representatives you are holding them accountable,” “amplify Black voices,” “support Black-owned businesses,” “offer money, supplies, or your time,” and “stay connected.” 
  • Michigan: “Black Lives Matter: Lawsuit claims Michigan teen screamed ‘I can’t breathe’ before death,” by Nzherald.co.nz. A video was released from a Michigan youth facility of a 16-year-old screaming, “I can’t breathe” following the youth’s death because a staff member placed weight on him for 10 minutes. 
  • Minnesota: Locals reported to the police about fears over Black Lives Matter signs. The Hill said: “Threatening notes were left on homes and cars about 10 minutes from the city where George Floyd was killed after a white Minneapolis police officer used lethal force during an arrest.”
  • Mississippi: Arguably one of the best college football players in Mississippi State refused to play until the flag is changed because it contains a Confederate emblem. 

  • Missouri: Two women were arrested after ‘Black Lives Matter’ was painted in the street of Florissant. 
  • Montana: A peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in Whitefish, whose population is 97% white, turned ugly when a man showed up angry at protestors.
  • Nebraska: The Nebraska History Museum is working to capture the state’s Black Lives Matter story through items  such as cardboard signs, canisters of teargas, a single pepper bullet, and foam baton rounds. 
  • Nevada: Black Lives Matter protests continue in Reno and Carson City. 
  • New Hampshire: Two workers were sent home because they wore Black Lives Matter face masks to work, which led to protestors gathering at a Whole Foods Market in Bedford. 
  • New Jersey: Governor Phil Murphy explained why Black Lives Matter in New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy said, “Let me be clear, systemic racism is a crisis that has infected every aspect of American life.” Governor Phil Murphy talked about Black Lives Matter in wages, wealth creation, criminal justice, housing, maternal health, education, and environment.  
  • New Mexico: The New Mexico United published the “Black Lives Matter toolkit for our supporters,” which is a guide to how allies can support the Black community. 
  • New York: StreetsBlogNYC reported that on Saturday, June 20th, more New York cyclists protested for Black Lives Matter than attended Trump’s rally in Tulsa. 
  • North Carolina: At a Black Lives Matter protest, a black man named Xavier Young proposed to his girlfriend Marjorie Alston, a celebration of black love.
  • North and South Dakota: Alongside Hawaii, these states have not recognized June 19th as a holiday. Stevie Wonder spoke out on the issue. 
  • Ohio: Newsweek reported that “A neighbor called police on a 9-year-old white girl in Ohio for writing ‘Black Live Matter’ on the street in chalk.”
  • Oklahoma: Teenagers from Oklahoma City bonded over fighting for justice by organizing a Black Lives Matter protest.
  • Oregon: Over 300 people showed up to march for Black Lives Matter around the Ogle County Courthouse Square.
  • Pennsylvania: DailyNews reported how a “Man scrawls ‘wighte lives matter’ wall.” in an attempt at an anti-Black Lives Matter protest. 
  • Rhode Island: 10 WJAR reported: “People marched to the Rhode Island State House in Providence in a protest called Resistance and Resilience Rally: Trans Black Lives Matter.”
  • South Carolina: Teachers joined a protest to show support to Black Lives Matter. 
  • Tennessee: Over 10,000 protestors marched in Nashville in support of Black Lives Matter rally. 
  • Texas: Black Lives Matter protestors walked down a street in Vidor, which is a small town well known for its long history of the Ku Klux Klan. 
  • Utah: Fox13 has released a story titled, “SALT LAKE CITY- Governor Gary Herbert has scheduled a meeting with the leaders of Utah’s Black Lives Matter movement.” The meeting will be to discuss police reform. 
  • Vermont: Black Lives Matter street paint was vandalized with mud and oil, said Burlington Free Press
  • Virginia: A “Black Lives Matter” sign at the Rock Spring Congregational Church was vandalized.

  • Washington: Black Lives Matter protestors are focused on educating people about change. 
  • West Virginia: IlliniNow reported: “West Virginia University has placed defensive coordinator Vic Koenning on administrative leave” due to accusations of “mistreatment and racism.”
  • Wisconsin: According to StarTribune, “Wisconsin poll finds 61% support for Black Lives Matters.”
  • Wyoming: Hispanic activists stand with Black Lives Matter because of similarity issues. 

Some states continue to support Black Lives Matter, and others like the Dakotas and Hawaii fail to recognize Juneteenth. Black Lives Matter might not be trending on social media anymore, but let’s not forget that Blacks all around the 50 states need help and support.