Wednesday, May 25, 2022




Word Warriors III is directed and produced by Takia “ Tizzi “ Green, the movie focuses on the power of words about violence against black men over the past 60 years.  Malcolm Jamal Warner is one of the voices in the movie who will be using his words on this injustice that is happening. Takia has sat down with Luxe Kurves to elaborate more on why words are a powerful tool.

Malcolm Jamal Warner

Takia “Tazzi” Green


What was the inspiration behind the film Word Warriors III? 

Writing poetry has always been an outlet for me to express myself ever since I could write, literally,so it’s no coincidence that the foundation of my first independent film was built on the back of poetry. When I first heard Pat’s Justice’s “Innocent Criminal” poem and the power, rawness, and passion in which he delivered those words, I knew that I wanted to be a part of creating a platform for his story and the inspiration behind his poetry. He and I grew up together in the same neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles and had experienced the loss of way too many friends to gun violence and incarceration. Far too many neighborhoods across the world in every urban inner city have experienced the same cyclical epidemic of violence and injustice for far too long. So, I chose to tell our story through the eyes of poetry and the power of the word.


How do you think the world will change in ten years?

Well the agenda is set up for us as a people to be soulless and to be in formation with the robots who are set to take all of our jobs in the next five to ten years. Technology is changing so fast and we see our everyday jobs and careers being replaced with robots. From doctors all the way down to grocery store clerks. I can tell you this: if we don’t change our energy as a collective and tap back into our souls by leading with love, compassion, and selflessness as Christ did, then ten years from now your platform will be run by robots and I won’t be answering live and in the flesh; the robots and avatars will do it for us. This COVID-19 pandemic and the protests all over the world against police brutality and systematic racism give me hope that united we will stand as a human race and not continue to be blinded by glorifying material things of no importance, but instead raise our consciousness and glorify the soul of mankind by walking and living in one spirit of love. That spirit will bring a heaven on earth experience to our world. In ten years we can still co-exist with advanced technology and robots as long as there is a balance and we keep our souls intact. Our souls are our God given freedom.

What makes you angriest about our country? 

Anger is an emotion that is derived from the ego, so I choose not to dwell in anger. Our country and our way of life is driven by a male, egotistical point of view. As a woman who has a more nurturing spirit and seeks to love unconditionally, I am more disappointed that we have let hate and greed drive the very being of our existence.

How important is freedom of speech? Do you think there is a limit to what should be allowed? Do you think being able to say anything is more beneficial or harmful?

Freedom of speech is extremely important. The words that we speak – whether it be good or evil, of love or hate – creates the reality that we see. We must be accountable for the words that we choose to project. There should be no limit on words; we must check ourselves to make sure that we are speaking words of life and not death. The sword of your tongue will harm you or benefit you in the end. I choose to speak [about]  life over myself and others because we are all connected.

What do you think we most need in this world?

First and foremost we need to eliminate white supremacy, systematic racism, greed, and selfishness. It has taken a negative toll on our planet. We need to heal from whatever pain and trauma that has been weighing us down individually and collectively. We need more love and compassion again. We need to heal individually from our old wounds so that we can love ourselves enough to love our neighbors as thyself again. A collective consciousness of love is what we need. 

Do you think the protesting will make a change for the black community?

Absolutely. The protesting is needed. It has already started to make a change. It is unifying people as a whole all over the world from different races and backgrounds. We can’t make change alone as black people but it absolutely starts with us first. Our culture is the most influential on the planet. The birth of our planet started with black and the rebirth which is what we are witnessing right now is the beginning of strong unified black communities that will be influential across the planet. Without the trauma and oppression we are a strong, loving, giving, and selfless people so our communities will reflect that once we heal.

What values do you think are critical to communicate to younger men and women? How can we help tomorrow’s men and women succeed in all aspects of life?

It is critical now more than ever to communicate to our younger men and women the value of life. Some of us have become desensitized to death and watching people get murdered in front of our very eyes. We have watched and shared so many videos on social media and on the television of our brothers and sisters being murdered not realizing that every time we invite those images into our consciousness we are accepting it as our new normal. In my film Word Warriors III, we have a roundtable of men discussing the murdering of young black men in our communities, and Pat’s Justice mentions Trayvon Martin being murdered and how he does not feel no way about it because he expects it to happen. When we are surrounded by killings in our neighborhoods, in our video games, in our film and television shows, in the media constantly, we lose a piece of our soul and compassion. Each time, our value for life depreciates. So as mature adults, in order for us to help tomorrow’s men and women succeed in all aspects of life, we must be an example because they are watching, trust me. We must take as many young kings and queens under our wing and mentor them. Help them see a different perspective, teach them new things like financial literacy, morals, teach them their worth, how to respect themselves and others, compassion, introduce them to books and different cultures, teach them to read, and also let them teach us. Each one teach one.   

How do you think we should recharge after this?

This is the beginning of a rebirth for the better of mankind. It’s a marathon, so I think we should take breaks to recharge. Some ways to do that is by getting back in alignment with nature: go to the beach, put your feet in the sand; go to the park, plant some food and let your hands massage the soil; take a long walk, get back to the source and in tune with the most high. Meditation always works for me. Raise our vibration of love so that we can be a light for one another to continue to move in the right direction: up. 

What are you determined to do in your life? 

I am determined to live and walk in the will that God has placed on my life. I am determined to be a part of the solution by healing the heart condition of the people through my art and my words. I am determined to be the change that I wish to see.