Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Today we are seeing how strong and determined the black community and our supporters are in fighting for a change. Now more than ever we need to see our black creatives. 

Those of us scrolling through social media and the web need our writers to write about the stories of our fighters and activists. We need our photographers getting the action shots of the protestors and the marches. We need our musicians to write songs and tell stories of how we’re strong and won’t be broken down. We need our designers to create posters and flyers to showcase our words and talents. We need our fashion designers to create safe but beautiful gear to continue to show our style but keep us protected. We need all of our creatives to continue making hashtags to spread all over the world. Not only do we need them for our times now, but we need to continue to show the world what BLACK EXCELLENCE looks like.More than ever we need the black community to show that we can continue to fight but also to create, to show that we won’t let them stop us from reaching our goals and showcase our talents we’ve worked so hard on. If we continue to do our craft like it’s just another day, it can show that one may not be showing support. It’s true, yet we have to realize some of us still need a source of income because we’re unemployed and bills still need to be paid, food provided to keep our bodies strong and a source of income flowing so we can donate to the cause. Creatives can do that easily by using their talents, so now is the time to put these together. Put out your personal work, but balance it out with content to show support for the cause. 

You can continue to do what you love and what makes you happy. You won’t be distracting yourself or neglecting anything; we’re all fighting the same battle, just in different ways. Use your talents now to show support and awareness of what’s going on. Document everything with your photos and writing. Write songs about what you see; tell a story through your lyrics. Design things that will get a message across. You can still protest; sharing your experience and donating, are still supporting. Use your gifts and talents to better yourself, but fight for the rights, freedom, equality, and justice for the black community. It’s time to express ourselves through all creative platforms but not turn our backs on fighting for black lives.

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