Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Congratulations, on being our Luxe June cover model! What were your first thoughts when you found out you were selected?

PP: My first thought was WOW I’m going to be on the cover of a magazine! I was honestly shocked as this is something that I have been manifesting since last year and to see it actually happening was a really rewarding feeling.

NO: Can you tell our readers about Paris?

PP: I am a 26-year-old full-figured model residing in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I graduated from Morgan State University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Business Administration and will be completed in May of 2021. I work full time as a Management Analyst for a prominent DC agency. I have been modeling for nine years. In my modeling career, I have done numerous amounts of print work and runway. I have done showroom modeling for world-renowned gospel artist Kierra Sheard, was on the cover of a book, was selected as a December Kurve Angel in 2018, and have modeled for several boutiques and brands. I am also the founder and creator of “Get Ready for Prom with Plus Model Paris”.  In my spare time, I enjoy participating in seminars and workshops that allow me to enhance my modeling career. I also enjoy researching the latest fashion trends in the curvy community and being a dog mom to my shorkie Roman.

NO: What are your thoughts on the recent killing of George Floyd and the protests on injustice in the black community?

PP: My thoughts are that Black Lives Matter Period. The police brutality against George Floyd and other African Americans in this country is completely unacceptable and justice needs to be served. The Black Community has experienced discrimination and racial injustice for centuries and we are ALL just TIRED! It is so many ways to have your voice heard such as peaceful protesting, boycotting, voting, and donating money to organizations that aid and assist with the overall vision of Black America are duties that we can do to reform the justice system in hopes for a better America for the Black Community.

NO: How has COVID-19 affected your daily life?

PP: COVID-19 has been a huge adjustment for me and honestly. I have been trying not to overwhelm myself so I’ve been taking everything day by day. It is very easy to slip into anxiety and not be okay. I have learned that accepting these feelings, experiencing them, and moving on is the best way to survive this quarantine. It has taken some time to adjust but I have created a daily routine that allows my days to be easier to navigate.

NO: June is our “Luxe Summer” issue, how will you be enjoying your summer given the state of our country right now?

PP: This summer I plan on spending more time with family as I am used to traveling abroad every year and this will be an adjustment. I have started enjoying the little things in life that prior to COVID-19 I normally wouldn’t have bothered to pay attention to. I have learned that there is so much to learn and discover if you just take the time to sit and observe without the normal hustle and bustle of the world.

NO: What can we do more as an industry to advocate more women embracing their bodies and loving them without the pressure of social media?

PP: I believe that embracing your bodies and loving yourself starts young and from within. I am a firm believer that if you train a child young to love the skin that they are in it builds confidence and self-worth from a young age. This is why I started my “Get ready for Prom with Plus Model Paris” where I sponsor a high school graduating plus-size senior to her prom. I take care of dress, hair, makeup, and transportation to allow the most important night of their lives to be stress-free and make them feel beautiful. However, I believe the industry could cater more to a younger audience instilling confidence and self-love in them. At such a prominent age where young women are critical with their bodies, seeing other women who look just like them, embracing their bodies would change the narrative of how they view themselves.

NO: Do you feel society still has a problem accepting us Kurvy women as the definition of beauty?

PP: Yes and no. Society has come a long way in terms of accepting kurvy women in mainstream media. Superstar Lizzo who showcases her beautiful curves has changed the conversation behind plus-size women being comfortable with their body. I admire her for her groundbreaking confidence because more people needed to see that plus size women can be beautiful and comfortable in their skin. My reasoning for no would be because there are people who still believe that Kurvy women cannot be deemed as beautiful and should not be able to love who they are.

NO: Do you have a fashion tip to give our readers for summer?

PP: A fashion tip that I would give to the readers is you can look like a million bucks on a budget! If you wear accessories, belts, hats, etc. it can turn your outfit into something greater.

NO: What are some personal qualities that distinguish you from others in the industry?

PP: Some of my main qualities would include mentorship, humility, and integrity. Those qualities allow me to give back to the younger plus community and create a platform for them to be their true self. I try to build their confidence and inspire them to embrace who they are.

NO: What is the one thing you would tell a young girl looking in the mirror who is having a hard time loving her kurves?

PP: I would tell her that God made everyone in His image. Despite what the world tells you, you have to believe and know that you are beautiful. Do not let other people’s opinions and comments control your life.

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

PP: I want my legacy to be that I persevered through any and everything in my life. I remained humble and focused. I also didn’t allow people’s assumptions of me to dictate the outcome of my life.

“What’s for Me is for Me” ~ PARIS 


Photographer: @maevatheradiant
Creative Director: @onlymissno