Tuesday, May 24, 2022




On Tuesday March 17th, 2020, my husband and I locked our doors and settled into our recently moved-into apartment. For the last month, we had been watching the rest of the world do the same, hoping against all hopes that COVID-19 would not reach us, and somehow we would be spared from spending our spring and summer under lockdown. 

In January, my husband and I had moved into our new apartment, and in February we got married and jetted off to our two-week honeymoon. By the time we got back, we had two weeks until our “lockdown” commenced. Being used to leaving the dishes if we were tired, not picking something up until the next day, and ordering take out had to change if we were going to thrive in this new time. While perusing on Amazon I came across a book called The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living. As someone who loves being happy and is 97% of the time, I thought, “Perfect, I can perfect happiness.” (LOL I’m a human, that is never going to happen.) But in this book, I found exactly what we had been needing our whole quarantine. 

Woman having a dinner party

By definition, hygge (pronounced “hyoo-guh)  is “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well being.” To me, that means the smell of latkes on a crisp day in California, making my mother-in-law’s stew in fall, or being curled up by the fire before Christmas ( I come from a family that celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas.) It’s the feeling I get when candles are lit and there is a fire roaring in the hearth while my husband and I watch a movie. These are things that are hygge to me. After devouring each and every page of the adorable little book (that I will be buying for each and every family member), I set out on a mission to make our home the coziest, warmest, almost “Hobbit-chic” environment I could think of; pillows and thick, warm throws were ordered, a wooden ladder was purchased to hold the array of throws that weren’t being used, light bulbs changed out, duvets and pillows brought in that were more fluffy. As you are reading this, mind you, my husband and I live in Miami where it has been a cool 90 degrees for the majority of the quarantine, but God bless our AC unit. 

The last of many additions was millions (only a slight exaggeration) of candles, which my husband was less than thrilled about as we already own many. Candles are one of the things that the Danes voted as being “most hygge.” Suddenly our home went from a “lovely new apartment” to our HOME. A place where movie nights felt like we were transported to other realms, reading became exciting when entrenched in masses of blankets, and date nights were aplenty; Lit by candlelight and with the one I love the most. Quarantine went from something scary and overwhelming to a time where I got to practice being grateful for all the wonderful things that I have in my life, my loved one and our little hygge world being the things I’m most grateful for of all. 

While our current situation can still feel scary and overwhelming, Hygge gave us the ability to slow down and appreciate the time we’ve been given. So we encourage you to take some time and Hygge your life. Make your space a cozy little refuge from all that is going on, and I personally can attest that things might start to seem a little less scary and a little more comforting.