Saturday, June 25, 2022



“A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.”

— Vivica Fox

Your body is your home in this life. Treating it with care and respect is extremely important. There is a strong correlation between health and beauty that most people completely ignore or choose to refute. We live in a materialized society where a price tag has been placed on “beauty.” Studies have shown that women find it difficult to feel as though they can attain societally driven beauty standards set by celebrities and models that turn towards plastic surgery to obtain their idealized bodies.

Now, this makes younger and older women stuck in a world where beauty is determined by the size of their wallet and their willingness to go under the knife. But, true beauty comes from within; no one can put a price on what rests beneath that face you see on your screen.

There are countless studies that have determined the way we treat our bodies has a direct correlation with our mood and overall happiness. A study conducted by medical professionals showed that the mind and the body interact with each other instantaneously. Eating well, staying active, and utilizing these endorphin-releasing actives can literally make you feel better about your beautiful self.

More precisely, maintaining a colorful, natural diet can positively impact your skin, eyes, and smile. Maintaining a healthy balance of healthy fats like those in fish can actually keep your skin more supple, reduce redness and acne, and make your skin less sensitive to harmful UV rays. These healthy fats can also make your eyes sparkle. According to a study on dry eye syndrome, it was found that omega-3s and omega-6s can hydrate the eyes and contribute to brighter and more youthful eyes. Also, your teeth can be negatively affected by different foods, especially those that have high acidity levels such as sugary candy, alcohol, and citrus. Further, what you consume has a direct correlation on your body; we must remember that food is our body’s fuel.

Additionally, another beneficial means of achieving a healthy mind and body is through mentally stimulating activities. Here, everyone is different and trial and error is genuinely the best method to find what works for you. Meditation, yoga, power workouts, running, etc. are all ways to distract oneself from the hectic nature of our lives and focus on ourselves. Meditation teaches the mind to relax, it relieves anxiety, and it can, when used to start one’s day, center the mind for a more productive day. When we feel calm and at ease with ourselves, it shows in our face. Less tension means less facial strain; less anxiety means treating your body more kindly and allowing your inner radiance to shine through.

Health and beauty affect one another and this is extremely important to remember when living in such a social-media-dominated, picture-perfect world. Remembering to remain mindful and practicing healthy eating habits can make you glow from the inside out.