Sunday, July 3, 2022




Has anyone actually gotten dressed for these past few weeks? I mean really dressed, like act as though they went to work and did their hair, put on their makeup, and threw on a dress and some heels? Personally, my pajamas are now safe for work, school, and everything in between.

I wake up every day and change clothes. Now, I’m not really talking about business casual clothes, but I am referring to workout clothes.

There is something in your mind that changes when you change clothes. It gets our butts out of beds and into those desk chairs, or sofas, or whatever you are sitting on while you’re attempting to work from home. Somewhere in your subconscious, while you’re changing out of your bedclothes, you’re getting ready for the day.

This is one of the “hacks” from working at home. Don’t ask me about the science, all I can tell you is it works. Now, I know that getting dressed to the nines isn’t how everyone wants to spend quarantine. In fact, isn’t it a slight dream to go to school or work in your pajamas?

And lounge clothes and messy hair are allowed. They’re a treat, but, in my opinion, they should stay that way. Don’t rely on these outfits to be your new uniform. We all know that this quarantine will end, and won’t it suck to go back to those pantsuits or dresses or whatever you wore on a daily basis?

But you can also work on looking a little presentable, just for yourself. I will admit, this is hard. I found myself doing my hair, putting on some makeup, and squeezing into my jeans one day for my 50-minute class, for which I never turned the camera on, so there was no point. Right after the shock of sitting in “real clothes” wore off and the class was over, the jeans were thrown on the floor, the makeup washed down the sink, and my short hair was swept into some kind of bun on top of my head.

And that’s okay too.

But the fact that getting dressed has some inexplicable power to make us get more stuff done remains.

Putting effort into our appearance helps us be productive. You are what you eat, but you are also what you make yourself. I try to get up in the morning and present myself in the way I want to be presented to the “world’,” or at least to my inner critic. I want to dress ready and prepared.

There is some magic to putting a bit of effort into our looks during this confusing time. We add some routine, we allow a mind shift, and what’s more, it’s so impressive.

Change your clothes up a bit and see how much your mindset follows suit.

Markey Battle Sr. Lifestyle Contributor
Markey is a senior at Liberty University where she is studying both English and theatre. Her passions include reading as much as she can, health and fitness, and cooking. She has an enormous love for writing and wants to continue to craft words for the rest of her life.