Sunday, July 3, 2022




(Photo with Miss America and Fatisha)

This interview is between celebrity hairstylist Fatisha Griggs (FG) and Marissa Hunt (MH) to discuss her brand, hair styling, and what beauty means to her.

MH: How did you get into hairstyling?

FG: You know, I’m not really sure. I sort of fell into it. Before then, I was working corporate jobs, you know, and I hated it. I really wanted out of the corporate scene. I actually got into hairstyling pretty late. I was twenty-six when I started.

MH: Who has been your favorite client? Both celebrity and in general.

FG: For celebrities, let me think. You know, there hasn’t been anyone in particular that has stood out to me. Like, no one has been disrespectful or rude to me, but no one has been amazing either. For just in general, definitely my sister. She lets me go crazy, you know, and just try new things. We make an event out of it where we hang out and bond. I have to say that I am really close to her because of it.

MH: What is your favorite part of the hairstyling process?

FG: The curling and the actual styling process once all the prep stuff is done.

MH: Tell us about your brand.

FG: I don’t really have a brand yet, you know? I have been working on building a brand for the past three years but I don’t have a distinct one yet. For a long time, I was working in hair salons, so I didn’t need one. I know this must seem weird since everyone is about branding these days. Everything has a brand now.

MH: What are you most excited about your brand?

FG: I’m excited about adding visual elements like photos and fashion, you know? Visual stuff goes farther than before and I want to see my styles in visual mediums. I want to make hair accessories and get into Hollywood and see what I can do there.

MH: What does beauty mean to you?

FG: Hmm, let me think. I think beauty is confidence. Like you own your body and don’t care what others think. You just know what beauty is when you see it even if others think it’s ugly, it’s beauty to you.

MH: Any advice to the readers?

FG: Take time to celebrate the steps you’ve completed. So many times you are just on the grind thinking about what you need to do next. You forget to recognize the small accomplishments along the way. I wish that I had stopped and appreciated what I had accomplished. Sometimes you don’t even realize that those small accomplishments have made big changes in your life. 

MH: Whom do you draw inspiration from?

FG: Definitely my kids. I have a seventeen-year-old and a nineteen-year-old. They don’t let little or big things deter them from getting what they want. They just keep going no matter what life throws their way. Even little kids have that determination to get what they want even if they have to bend the rules or eventually convince you to give them what they want. They’re really good at that, you know.