Wednesday, May 25, 2022




The launching of the Women’s Football League Association (WFLA) is changing the game, in more ways than just the gender of the players. The National Association, composed of 32 teams in both Western and Eastern Conferences, serves as the first-ever Professional Women’s Football League, that promises compensation to its athletes.


Founded in 2018 by Lupe Rose, her inspiration to launch the league derived from her entrepreneurial experiences, many of which strives to empower women. After founding and becoming CEO of She Beverage, an alcohol company catering drinks specifically to women, and through her work with the WNBA, she heard many stories of women wanting to play football professionally. With her awareness of and desire to end discrimination in a male-dominated sports industry, Rose strives to empower women and present equal opportunities for female athletes.

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Although other female football leagues existed before Rose’s founding, many had significant issues. A major one was the lack of compensation to its players. According to the official WFLA website, the league’s promise is to work with franchisees in order to secure fair pay for all WFLA coaches and athletes. In addition to fair pay, the league is operating as a full-contact sport, where tackling will be permitted. 

The WFLA has already received much support, cultivating over 8,000 followers on Instagram, and nearly 5,000 Facebook likes. In addition to a growing online presence, popular celebrities have already purchased teams and expressed their admiration and respect for the League’s values and promises. Most recently, rapper Ja Rule purchased the New York team, the New York Stars. In September he tweeted, “Proud to announce I’m the owner of the first-ever professional women’s football league that PAYS their athletes… #WFLAFootball #womenempowerment #Iconn”. Other available teams for purchase are listed on the WFLA official website. 

Recruitment procedures have been held since 2019, including Scouting Combines, a traditional process held in the NFL which showcases college football players to coaches, scouts, and managers. In addition to the Combine, the first draft was held at the MGM Grand Las Vegas this past August. The season is set to officially take off in May of 2021, starting with an Exhibition Game Schedule, and a WFLA Tour. Games will follow on May 6th, with Wednesday Night Football.