Sunday, July 3, 2022




It’s been weeks with our new normal way of life and it has tested us on a number of levels. The thought of being in the house 24/7 has drove me crazy but it also has given me clarity. Clarity I know would not have come if the quarantine never existed. In many aspects, it has changed me for the better and open up my mind, body and soul.

I dreaded being stuck in the house and not living my life but I do understand why GOD made this happen. We all needed to be still and cleanse. Understanding my worth, remembering who I am and getting back to building great relationships has been my quarantine clarity. For the past 3 years I have to admit I wasn’t myself. I was lost in my depression, lost in where I thought my life should be, lost with chaos that was surrounding me. I wasn’t’ operating on to the level GOD designed me to in every area of my life.  I just wasn’t happy with me. Since I wasn’t happy with me I was attracting unhappy, miserable people and business opportunities not realizing that I needed to make a change.

Quarantine season allowed me to see my mistakes for the first time in three years. I saw that I was settling in every aspect and how I was tired of my own shit. Yes, my own shit! My life had to change and it wasn’t up to anyone else to change it except for me! It was my responsibility and no one else’s. When I look in the mirror and I did not recognize the women looking back at me. I saw a weak woman whose life has a greater purpose and if I didn’t fight back she would die. In that moment I began to FIGHT back!

I removed myself from relationships that served no purpose and that was toxic. I began to get back to Brandee, loving her and being there for her! I made hard decisions and did not think twice about them because my main objective was to SAVE MYSELF. Saving myself has freed me from the chains I placed on myself 3 years ago. No longer, will I be a slave to my past, fears and doubts. I’m free from it all and I’m loving every minute of my “Quarantine Clarity” life!

We must take this time to see what GOD is trying to tell you and free from you. Do not ignore the signs!

Brandee “Kurvy” J