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 One of the most important days of your life has to be without doubt the day that you will be saying “I Do” in front of friends, family and your loved one. The preparations that you undergo towards ensuring that this day is flawless. From the floral arrangements to the table seating order, everything needs to be in harmony with the grooms and brides -to -be.

  One of the things that can be nerve-wracking is selecting the entertainment and also the music that will set the tone for you and of course for your guests. Prior to getting to the reception, music is split into a few different segments: the morning of, the bride getting ready, the first dance and the reception.  However, I am sure that compiling the list together with your spouse – to- be will give you an immense sense of fulfillment. The right playlist could wonderfully calm you down while making you happy at the same time. It needs to be the right combination to guarantee you that you will get through this day.

It is important though, to have a supportive team that will keep you calm and grounded as you make these various selections. Do not let this overwhelm you to the point where it becomes stressful.  I think the right song choice for your first dance should be carefully selected. And why I emphasize that is because it reflects your journey as a couple but also it will set the tone and stamp the beginning of your married life together. You want something that you can dance to, but not something that everyone has heard before, maybe a song of your first date, first kiss or even when he proposed.

Contrary to popular belief, your “wedding day get – ready” playlist does not need to have any weight or major expectations; t is just about fun and happiness as you get ready to say your vows. What’s super important is to find good variety within your playlist of choice.   A pattern you can follow: some upbeat songs, as well as some more romantic ballads or some R&B,  with great power tunes and some acoustic in between, which do not need to be about romance bit can get you in a great mood.

The trick is to manage to compile a playlist of songs that can relate to love, of course, joy and commitment. You also want to ensure that you create a great blend of tracks that will get your guests to dancing and moving all night long. It goes without saying that if you both have favorites, it is a great personal touch to add these to the mix as well and even share some of the stories behind your music selection. 

 The assignment should be to collect some current and trending songs for a more contemporary playlist, and then also make a list of classics you also love your “oldies but goodies”. It is also imperative to make selections with the character of your guests in the background. It is YOUR day but you want to make it memorable with everyone that attends your wedding and reception.

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