Wednesday, May 25, 2022




Your wedding is close at hand, so your skin has to be perfect. Most skin routines will start a year before the wedding takes place to give time for skin to become flawless and glowing. Here are some skincare tips to add to your routine before and after the wedding.

The first thing is the most important: you must find ways to de-stress. Stress is known to cause problems for the body and will wreak havoc on your skin. I have had my skin break out many times due to stress alone. Taking little moments for yourself, yoga, and exercise are great ways to manage stress.

Eating superfoods will keep your skin looking fresh. You will want to look for foods with lots of hydration like watermelon, tomatoes, and grapefruit. Not only will this give your skin the hydration it craves, but it provides a nice healthy snack as well.

Using salt scrubs on your elbows will keep them appearing soft and moisturized. You can use a salt scrub on your hands and any other dry parts of your body, but most are not recommended for the face. Please check the label of your salt scrub.

Also, don’t be afraid to sweat. Sweating allows your body to flush out all the impurities, from pollutants and dirt to old makeup and chemical residue. Regular sweating can improve the tone, clarity, and texture of the skin.

The next thing is to reduce sunspots with acid peels. Peels are designed to get rid of dead skin and bring new, fresh skin to the surface. To make the most of these spa treatments, you’ll want to book a series of peels. Start with six different sessions, each two weeks apart, so your skin has time to recover.

Face masks are not helpful to the skin but can help with managing stress. Taking the time to relax and have some self-care will leave your skin glowing. Face masks do a deeper clean that lasts longer than the normal face washing but is not meant to replace it. Together, this tip will have your skin beautiful.

Now for after the wedding: it is essential that you remain on your routine for a little while. It will be a shock to your system if you suddenly switch to a different diet and no more skincare maintenance. It is better to slowly reintroduce parts of your previous diet back into your life and ease back into old habits.