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The ever-growing prominence of black hairstyles is reflected in the hair trends of spring 2020, with designers and black celebrities alike showcasing the inherent elegance and diversity of black hair. Even the hairstyle trends that are not specific to black hair will only further enhance Afrocentric beauty and create new, innovative looks.

As its title suggests, Refinery29’s “15 Street Style Looks That Prove the Versatility Of Black Hair” is a spotlight on the various black hairstyles on display at New York Fashion Week. (Simeon) From the paramount fashion, event arose fresh, updated interpretations of classic black hairstyles. The coiled afro fringe, a style in which shorter coils of an afro drape over one’s forehead, proves that bangs are possible regardless of hair texture. Twists become an even more protective style with the addition of decorative barrettes coating them whilst pinning them down.

Colorful locs and braids remain a bold, striking look, especially when the former is curled into spirals and the latter is braided with neon and pastel colors. A prime example of colorful braids is the latest trend of green ombre ends on knotless braids. The black hairstyles at New York Fashion Week also reinforced that chestnut, peach, and honey hair colors best complement brown skin, along with caramel highlights.

Similar to Refinery29, Luxe Kurves has predicted that bright, eye-catching colors will be the dominant hair trend among black women. Combined with the thriving popularity of natural hair, which will only be further bolstered by the newest natural hair law, even more unique, vibrant hairstyles will undoubtably be born as the season progresses.

The primary hairstyle trends of spring 2020 involve adorning hair with precious stones, which radiate most brilliantly in black hair. Pearls were abundant on runways, the most iconic example of such being an Andrew GN model with pearls fastened to her cornrows. This look is achieved by twisting pearl spin pins onto braids or sliding a pearl-encrusted clip in one’s hair. This look was also worn by actress Tessa Thompson, who had pearls scattered across her box braids. Continuing the trend of ornamenting hairstyles with stones, crystals shone on the Bibhu Mohapatra runway. Sliding a crystal hairpiece into the side of one’s hair just behind the ear creates a perfect illusion of having a hairstyle decorated with multiple crystals like stars in a night sky.

Other noteworthy hair trends that featured or were applicable to black hair were twisted half-up buns, braided tendrils, and lavender sprigs. While several models at the Anna Sui show sported twisted half-up buns, a black model had the most memorable take on this trend by twisting half of her natural hair in a bun while leaving the rest of her afro flowing freely. Braided tendrils, a hairstyle originating from the ‘90s, are worn by scooping one’s braids, twists, and natural hair in a bun while leaving two strips of hair at the part. Since this look is executed by threading fake lavender sprigs through braided hair, this trend has the potential to become more popular in black hairstyles.

Fittingly, Luxe Kurves’ next generation of models embody modern hairstyle trends. In their February article, Luxe Kid cover models Shayna and Shayla Pinder were both depicted with thick, blow-dried hair adorned with jewel-encrusted hair clips. They have the opportunity to expand upon their current look by perhaps adopting pearl and crystal hair decorations, and their hair is more than long enough for them to recreate the twisted half-up bun of the previously mentioned Anna Sui model. The Pinder twins are proof that the spring 2020 hairstyle trends have longevity and will continue to evolve with the creativity of designers and wearers.


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