Thursday, May 26, 2022
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How do I welcome my new sister I never knew I had……..?

Recently I just found out that I have a new sister on my Dad’s side that we did not know about. My dad has been deceased for 5 years now and we found out her mom has also been deceased. While my Dad was alive, we did not have a good relationship in fact he was a horrible man. How do I welcome my new little sister into the family being the oldest girl and how do I tell her about my dad without sounding like a hateful ass daughter?


His First Born Girl?? Or maybe Not lol!!

Dear His First Born Girl?? Or maybe Not lol!!,

There are many ways to handle this situation. The first thing I suggest is getting to know your sister for herself and allowing her to know you. There is a way to discuss your deceased dad without bringing up the negative. I would suggest if you have any other relatives alive that were close to your dad maybe aunts or uncles then have them talk about your dad so it doesn’t put the pressure on you. Just be a true big sister and welcome her to the family with loving arms. Don’t allow your bad memories to overshadow the new ones you will make with your new found sister. Good Luck with a new family reunion.


Lady A

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Dear Lady A,

I just recently came back from a trip of visiting a guy I have been talking too that I met on Facebook and let’s just say things got heavy real quick. After months of talking on the phone and face timing I finally got a ticket and went to see him. The first night was great I went to his job (he coaches HS basketball) and then after we went to eat and then back to my room where we made wonderful love. Everything was good so I thought. The next day after departing with me for class that he has every Saturday we were supposed to meet back up that night and then again on Sunday and last on Monday before I left that night on a flight back home. Well he never showed back up and he even had me go to meet him somewhere and never showed up there. I ended up getting on a plane to fly back home feeling like I left part of me in a random hotel room and was totally embarrassed. Here we are a few weeks later he calls and says he loves me and he just got scared and would like to be with me. Please help Lady A because I am actually considering it as he still didn’t apologize but he reasons for why he acted that way seem valid.

Best Wishes,

Stuck In Love

Dear Stuck In Love,

First rule is to love yourself enough to set boundaries and understand there is never an excuse great enough for a man to disrespect you and treat you the way he did. Now to the core of your question. There is really nothing I or anyone else can say to you. It seems your mind is already made up when you actually considered taking him back. My question to you is how far will you allow him to go next time or what will you be willing to face alone next time? If he can’t understand that what he did was despicable and disrespectful then baby he is definitely someone you don’t need. Please find the man that will love and respect you to its entirety because you deserve it. Your worth is greater than a few words and some good penis. Let him go sis!!! Besides you not even in the same town. Be patient, forgive yourself and be gentle with yourself. Your great man is coming just position yourself to receive him. My humble advice is focus on your boundaries and deal breakers and make sure they are very clear for the next man you date. Love you first that’s the answer whatever that looks like in the end.


With Love,

Lady A

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