Tuesday, May 24, 2022







Congratulations, on being our Luxe Beauty of the month for our women’s issue! What were your first thoughts when you found out you were selected?

IESHA: I was filled with excitement! It is an absolute honor to be considered. Especially, during International Women’s Month.

NO: March is women’s history month! What do you think needs to be done more for women’s rights?

IESHA: Women should be celebrated throughout the year. I do believe that we should consider supporting each other more as women. Men should also be more active in women’s issues. There should more advocacy for equal pay. Issues in the workplace should be fair comparing to our male counterparts.

NO: What can we do more as an industry to advocate more women embracing their bodies and loving them without the pressure of social media?

IESHA: Your platform highlighting women like myself is a start. You are putting forth a narrative that is showing the different types of women that are out there. In return, you are creating a safe place so that someone like myself can relate to. I believe that’s a start. Social media plays a huge part. It can be good or bad. However, we have to navigate that space in a more uplifting direction as appose to degrading our women.

NO: What are some personal qualities that distinguish you from others in the industry?

IESHA: I have a heart of gold. My drive and self-motivation.
My creativity. I believe in equality for all women. Although, that’s not a personal quality I have two daughters and I want them to be in space where they are being equally and fairly treated.

NO: When did you decide to love your kurves? How do fight the negative comments by others?

IESHA: The day I realized that all the women in my family were loving their kurves, that’s when I started to love mine.

NO: The State of the Plus Size industry is ever-changing. What are your views on the state of the plus-size industry?

IESHA: The plus-size industry is ever-growing. It is growing and allowing women like myself to be apart of the dialogue. One thing I want to be clear about is the difference BBW which means a fetish and actually being recognize as Plus Model or a Full Figure model would be more accurate.

NO: What is the one thing you would tell a young girl looking in the mirror who is having a hard time loving her kurves?

IESHA: Understand that there are women out there appreciating their kurves and are seeking to use cosmetic surgery to achieve them.

NO: Tell our readers one of your beauty secrets?

IESHA: I watch my face with witch hazel in the morning and in the evening. I also moisturize a lot. I am a bargain shopper so ponds at Walmart is my go-to for moisture.

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

IESHA: That I never gave up! All the obstacles of being a single mother. I never gave up!


Model: @iesha_mason
Wardrobe Stylist @oneikascloset
Photographer: @creativebeauty804
Hair: @hes_a_stylist
Makeup: @ohhboykia
Creative Director: @onlymissno