Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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What are somethings that could people back from going to the gym? Sometimes we can be motivated to want to get fit but somehow, we can get find ourselves a little scared.

In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves, it is natural to sometimes before scared of going to the gym can feel like we are on-going into a room where we may feel insecure. However, what your fitness goal may be never let anybody who isn’t you stop you for going to gym. We are our biggest enemy and supporter. We must be willing to show for ourselves and empower ourselves to go to the gym. We are the only person putting in the effort so our opinion should matter the most.

In a world whereas women we must be always watching over our shoulder, the gym should be where we have privacy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes this fear of going to the gym comes in the form of fearing who is the person next to at the gym. How long has he been on that machine? Should I change machines? Should I be wearing this outfit? All these questions and more arise just because of one person who is little too close.

In this world, sometimes we can just a little too shy to go the gym. We are trying to put in the work on ourselves. This shyness can sometimes become a pattern where we decide we don’t want to go to the gym. We make the choice that the gym is scary because there are so many outside factors that we cannot count.

But to achieve our best selves, it is our job to go to the gym. We must put in the work, even if half the battle is putting our gym clothes and getting there. Being willing to make the active choice is most important part of going to the gym. You must choose to be make a change. You must want to go because you want to improve yourself and that’s where you start. Making the decision that you want to go the gym is great but the moment you decide that you want to go is even better. Face your faces. Own it! The power to walk on that treadmill or elliptical is within you. Fear your fears. This is where motivation meets actions and you can achieve your fitness goals.