Saturday, June 25, 2022
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2019 we saw the 90’s come back in hair and beauty. For example the simple “Black Cat Eye” look or the popping corn rolls mixed with the Janet Jackson box braids. In 2020 we will be going back and into the future in hair and make-up!

After our beauty team reviewed all of the trends we pick our top trends for 2020!

Lighting Streak– In 2020 the “Lighting Streak” eyeliner will be a trend on fashion runways so we know it will be seen in everyday. Streak your eyes with bold and neon colors such as lime green, yellow, pink or blue.

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I Love Gold- Gold always makes its way as a beauty trend. In 2020 its all about just GOLD as the prime eye shadow color.

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Highlight Me– Simple hair highlights don’t play a role in 2020. Massive highlights will be a 2020 staple with using colors such as blue, purples and greens. This trend will be even bigger among st black women in 2020.

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Natural All Day- With the passing of the new natural hair law we will see one 2020 trend take off even more the “Natural Hair” beauty looks!

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