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On December 21st 2019 we started a new tradition in San Diego. We hosted our first “Free Braids & Haircuts Giveback”. Roza Adam founder of Shukor Bella teamed up with Braid Street LLC and gave back in a major way.

Owner Roza Adam

How did it begin: Scrolling on Facebook I seen an event that was hosted in Michigan and got inspired to replicate the same event in San Diego. I didn’t have much time to get the event together but teaming up with Soely Sanchez the owner of Braid Street LLC, we were able to put together something last minute.

First thing was to get a venue to host the event. We reached out to “The Community Spot” and was able to secure a venue right away, at a low cost. Speaking with Kim, the administrator at “The Community Spot” she suggested we speak to Bill Woods the owner of Berlens Beauty Supply store to see if he would be interested in donating some free barding hair for the event. Mr.  Woods was enthusiastic and offered to donate hair and styling products for our event. Shukor Bella supplied our newly launched kibbeh hair & skin moisturizer to all the stylist as well.

We had several braiders and barbers reach out to volunteer their time and talent for the cause. It was amazing to see our community come together last minute to give back. A beautiful soul, Renne Flo reached out to us to offer a special meal for the braiders and barbers. We had Danielle Anthony come out and get on the grill and feed all the guest and even some walker byer’s. To our surprise R.O.C Enterprise came out and covered some of the event and gave away free hotel stay’s in Las Vegas from 1-4 nights. It was a joy seeing our community come together and uplift one another.

We had planned on servicing 30-35 community members for this event. We ended up servicing 75 community members. The event was from 10am-4pm, our volunteers stayed until 8pm making sure we could service everyone that was left.

This event was a success because everyone came together in unity to achieve one cause. Bring joy and happiness through hair and beauty. There is something that happens to a person when they have a new hairdo. They are more confident and able to face the world with one less stress to worry about. The holiday season can put a dent in the pocket book. To be able to help families that may have otherwise had to go without a new hairdo or pay out of pocket was more than enough satisfying.

Watching everyone in the waiting area, conversing with each other showed us how much we need events like this. Events where we can network, converse and uplift one another. I would like to send a special shout out to all the braiders and barbers. You all are the heartbeat of this event. Next year we are going to double, maybe even triple the numbers of community members we service. Happy New Year San Diego. Please go follow our volunteers on their Instagram page listed below:

Story by Roza Adam owner of Shukor Bella

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