Saturday, June 25, 2022




I fell in love with the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie over 10 years ago.  The movie uncovers a woman that suffered from a great deal trauma as a young girl that she subconsciously brought much of her past trauma(s) into her adult relationships whether with friends and/or male counterparts. When it came to receiving love Audrey’s character rejected love so much that she almost lost the man that really truly loved her due to her lack of vulnerability. Much Like Aubrey Hepburn’s character I had gotten so good at pretending, that I created a façade that I was perfect, because I was terrified that someone would really see me, my past, my skeletons in the closet.

As I began to ponder on my life in reflection to the movie, I recognized my own traumas, in which I stated to unpack with a great therapist and personal coaching. As the years have gone by I am happy to say that I have had such a great deal of progress within my life, as I recognize my own destructive pathologies that have hindered me in love and business. It was until I made up mind to face my past and was willing to tackle my limiting beliefs, that I truly began to reap the benefits of my hard work. The truth is, I am still doing this work, as this is a never-ending process.

How many of you are running from your past? How many of you are afraid of facing yourself? How many of you ladies can’t get past the negative self-talk in your own mind? I’m here to tell you sis, you are not alone. I myself have been down the path of avoiding my past trauma and pain for many years until I got so tired of living in dysfunction. So, let me ask you are, have you grown tired of your dysfunction yet?


As your favorite personal development and career life coach, I am going to leave you with tips to help you begin to break the dysfunction in your own lives.


1.)    Self-Awareness

Become more aware of your own dysfunctional patterns. Start keeping a journal of any and everything that you feel is burdening you from being who you are and want to be.

2.)    Self-Accountability

Take ownership of your own actions, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions.

3.)    Self- Evaluation

Evaluate yourself and your present relationships. Are they going smoothly and benefiting both parties? Do you know what healthy boundaries are, and do you keep them?


Queen, I’m declaring that you will no longer play the victim to your past experiences, no more pretending that everything is perfect, God sees you, God knows you, and he says that you are beautifully


With Love,

Coach Lilene

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