Sunday, July 3, 2022



NO: Tell our readers a little about yourself.

NEO: My name is Nathaniel Edosa Osadiaye, Born in Nigeria west Africa, i Model and i am also a recording artist. Graduated from the University of Maryland Collge Park, Studied Exercise science.

NO: Men’s fashion has been making a huge comeback and impact in society over the past year, why do you think that is?

NEO: I think the comeback we are seeing in me’s fashion can be attributed to the fact that free thinking, seem to be more encouraged in society; and social media has also been a big tool, every one can now express their self through their choice of fashion

NO: In what way do you feel the “Black Man’s” style has influenced the fashion industry?

NEO: The fact that Black men and women make up a huge part of the Consumer population of fashion, that makes its only wright for designers and the fashion industry to cater to black men

NO: What designers have influenced your style of any?

NEO: Miguel Wilson Collection

NO: The climate in the world today is at an all-time high of people showing more hatred. What are your views and thoughts about it? What do we need as a community to improve it?

NEO: As a community if each individual is encouraged to reach wintin their self to make a change, and we cater to the needs of the youths, we should find some improovement, and also if we stop focusing on religion so much.

NO: As a black man in today’s society, what can you tell the young men who are seeing all the hate and racism? What advice would you give them?

NEO: Despite of what they may be seeing, it takes through strenght not to let it change who they are.

NO: If you were able to have a 10-minute conversation with Kanye West, what would you tell him?

NEO: I undenstand freedeom of expression, but if it afffects a group of people negatively, you may want to rethink what you are doing, and look at the bigger  picture.

NO: What is one thing you would say to all women?

NEO: You are a Blessing to Mankind

NO: How would you define the “Luxe Man?”

NEO: One word; Confident

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

NEO: I was able to Unite and bring people together.


MODEL @scarnaija

DESIGNER @goughandrandolph


AGENCY @proofmodeling