Thursday, May 19, 2022



NO: Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?
DB: I’m currently a music producer right now, I’ve been producing music for 4 years. I also play basketball. I have been playing basketball for 8 years. I sometimes play football. I love to shop for things, like clothes, shoes, etc.
NO: Men’s fashion has been making a huge comeback and impact in society over the past year, why do you think that is?
DB: There has been many male models that likes to model or they like to dress up Mostly males who are famous love to dress up with style.

NO: In what way do you feel the “Black Man’s” style has influenced the fashion industry?
DB: I would say the black mans style influenced the industry way is that there is more fashion designers and more fashion shows as well. I would say that black men’s have “different flavors” then other people.
NO: What designers have influenced your style of any?
DB: Alessandro Michele influenced my style of style in some way. He is the creator of Gucci so when I see Gucci everywhere with people wearing it different types of way inspired me to dress a certain way.

NO: The climate in the world today is at an all-time high of people showing more hatred. What are your views and thoughts about it? What do we need as a community to improve it?

DB: I think the people that are giving off hatred vibes are just close minded and they don’t see the what’s going on outside the box. I think we need more leaders not just in a community but in the world and especially more role models because if we don’t have none of those things then it’s just going to be hate going all around.

NO: As a black man in today’s society, what can you tell the young men who are seeing all the hate and racism? What advice would you give them?
DB: Don’t let them stop you from reaching your goal. Maintain your focus and don’t get off track because if you do you going to slip up. Make sure you have a friend or two to back you up on your goal or your plan to succeed. Know your net worth. And what I mean by that is the people you hang around with they should be on the same mentality as you. If they’re not then there bring negativity to you, so like I said know your net worth.
NO: If you were able to have a 10-minute conversation with Kanye West, what would you tell him?

DB: I would say to him that my favorite albums from him were Graduation, The College Dropout, and 808’s and Heartbreaks and that hd is an amazing producer and artist and he inspired me into sampling songs and Turing them into one beat besides the fact he was siding with trump he is still my favorite producer all time.
NO: What is one thing you would say to all women? 
DB: Ya’ll are Queens and soldiers and I love y’all.
NO: What do you want your legacy to be? 
DB: I want my legacy to an inspiration to everybody. To the young ones that are coming up as well. I don’t then to have a mindset where they want to be like like I want them to have a mindset where they want to be better than me. I want it so legendary Michael Jackson is going to come back and say “He’s Bad”.