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NO: Thank you for being a part of our November Luxe Man special issue. This month we are highlighting Men’s fashion, health and fitness, and lifestyle. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?
DW: Hello my name is Dietrich Williams Jr. I am a 30-year-old Entrepreneur & Male model. I enjoy men’s Fashion and I Love to show my creativity.

NO: Men’s fashion has been making a huge comeback and impact in society over the past year, why do you think that is?

DW:  believe men’s fashion is making a comeback because this generation of men want to look and feel their best this generation also embraces fitted clothes versus generations of the recent past.

NO: In what way do you feel the “Black Man’s” style has influenced the fashion industry?

DW: There’s nothing like a black bag swag it’s a special edge & class the black man offered to the fashion industry

NO: What designers have influenced your style of any?  

GDW: Giorgio Armani has influenced my style lately I believe they have the most timeless Menswear looks

NO: The climate in the world today is at an all-time high of people showing more hatred. What are your views and thoughts about it? What do we need as a community to improve it?

DW: I believe people that hate other people really are miserable in their own lives my motto in life is Love your neighbor as you love yourself. If more people thought like this the world would be a better place

NO: As a black man in today’s society, what can you tell the young men who are seeing all the hate and racism? What advice would you give them?

DW: You will find much more success in the world and peace within when you kill people with kindness. Evil way and Evil intentions will only result in a negative outcome for you.


NO: If you were able to have a 10-minute conversation with Kanye West, what would you tell him?

DW: I would tell Kanye West I miss the old Kanye motivating and inspiring of a young black man with positive lyrics that may mean something and I consider myself a Kanye West Fan. I’m just not with the foolishness.

NO: What is one thing you would say to all women?

DW: The woman makes the world go round know your worth and don’t settle for less a good woman helps build strong man

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

DW:  want my legacy to be it’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re going you don’t have to be a product of your environment

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