Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Dear Lady A,

I recently just tried a dating site for the first time and actually found a guy I thought was really interesting. He was about ten years my senior and was very promising in his conversation. He asked me many questions regarding my status and if I wanted to have children and ever get married. With all of his questions I was very honest and forthcoming and I thought he was as well until I found out the hard way. I ended up doing something I never done before and that’s meet up and hang out for a late night movie. Being grown and not having sex in a while I decided to sleep with him because after about 2 months of phone conversations I felt justified in my grown ass decision. Well the very next day after the three minute sex (Insert loud laugh) he stopped responding to my calls and text. A whole month later he decides to call and tell me after he ghosted me that his ex-called and it stirred up feelings again plus he felt I was too young and I wanted kids one day. I mean he couldn’t tell me this before I shared my goodness with him??? Lady A what advice do you have so I never have this happen again?

Ghosted Romantic

Dear Ghosted Romantic,
First I want to say in your decision to sleep with him was a very normal feeling and as a woman don’t feel ashamed. Now to this lame who ghosted you it sounds like he still trying to play games at his old age and that is whack. I’m sorry that happen to you like that! In regards to advice so that you never let this happen again, well I will say there Is really nothing to say that will assure this won’t happen again. You did nothing wrong! I will say guard your heart and try and make sure the man you get involved with understands what you want upfront.  Ask the right questions and no matter what say your position up front and if he disagrees or feels a certain way then you know how to proceed. Better Luck Next Time!! The comeback is always better!!

No Worries,

Lady A



Dear Lady A,

I recently met a woman that I absolutely adore and I absolutely know she is the one. My fear is we only been talking for one month and I want to ask her so bad to marry me. How do I convince her that she is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with?

Mr. In Love


Dear Mr. In Love,


Wow!! The fact that you know that is great and so awesome. I want to say this though give her time to catch up to what you feel. Make sure you learn the things about her that matter. Find out all the things or most of the things to make her smile because in the rough days you will need those things to lean on. If she is not ready for marriage just yet give her room to grow in the dating phase. Court her and make sure you honor her safety zones, example friends, family, work. It sounds like you are sure in your feelings just make sure you give her time to be sure. When she feels safe with you lets hope she says yes.

Best In Love,

Lady A