Saturday, June 25, 2022



BJ: Thank you for being a part of our November Luxe Man special issue. This month we are highlighting Men’s fashion, health and fitness, and lifestyle. What sparked your interest in becoming a celebrity chef?

CHEF KT: At the beginning of my journey I never expected to become a celebrity chef. Over the years as I grew my business, I started getting requests from the publicists of celebs and from there my name got around and it just happened. I really don’t consider myself a celebrity chef at all. I just provide a service to those who request it from EaT 310 Catering.

BJ: Describe your style of cooking?

CHEF KT:  The style of cooking I have is just pure fun. I like to sing and dance when I cook so that a lot of love goes into my cooking. I pride myself on deep flavors so that as I like to say “Makes your tastebuds dance” LMAO

BJ: What motivates you to put heart and soul into your dishes?

CHEF KT:  The motivation for me when it comes to putting my heart and soul into my food is, just seeing the facial expression and hearing the umm, aah and the OMG this is good when people taste my food.

BJ:  What inspires you to come up with your signature dishes? Do you travel to get your inspiration?

CHEF KT:  My signature dishes were inspired by the food I love the most and flavors I’ve tried from my travels in the US Navy. My crab cakes are one of a kind and award-winning as well. They were featured in High Times Magazine back in 2017.

BJ: Do you have any plans on opening your own restaurant one day? If so, what would be the theme and where would you open it?

CHEF KT: In the next year or two I do plan on opening a small intimate cafe. Looking at opening a little couple’s lounge where you can come and enjoy a good meal with great music, lighting, and ambiance.

BJ: Thanksgiving is coming up! What tips do you have for our readers?

CHEF KT: One tip I would give your readers is to try something different. Pick a dish from a cuisine that you normally wouldn’t have and try it out. I and my family do it every year and it’s fun doing something untraditional.

BJ: Please tell our readers your best Thanksgiving memory?

CHEF KT: One of my best memories of thanksgiving is being in Afghanistan back in 04 and having dinner and watching football with my fellow soldiers and sailors as one big family. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

BJ: What is next for your brand?

CHEF KT: The next big thing for the EaT 310 brand is to start hosting Sunday Brunch twice a month at a secret location. You will have to get on an email list to get notified and to reserve your spot.


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