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NO:  Tell our readers a little about yourself?

KH: I was born in DC general hospital in Washington DC. I grew up in a single family home, with my older brother. At the age of seven, I desired to be a boxer. I grew up in two major neighborhoods in the Washington DC area, southeast Sheridan Terrace and northeast Paradise Manor. My mom passsed when I was fifteen. I then permanently move in with my grandmother, whom I had been living with back and forth. I grew up with a humbled spirit and always wanted to help others. I grew up having faith that I could be whatever I wanted to be and that allowed me to work hard at what I wanted and it paid off, but not without challenges. I had to fight through many challenges before becoming a Maryland State Boxing Champion, a two time United States Champion and a Two Time World Champion.

NO: Can you describe yourself in six words?

KH: Humble, caring, understanding, helpful, a teacher and a motivator; and to add, very inquisitive.

NO: How important is a support system when building a brand?

KH: I believe having a support system when building a brand is very important.

NO: What do you think is the biggest misconception about women of color?

KH: I believe that the misconception of women of color is the fact that they are not beautiful enough for a black man, and that they need make up to make themselves stand out to the black man

NO: What is it about a woman’s beauty that stands out to you?

KH: What stands out about a woman’s beauty to me is her mindset. It is the way she thinks, the words she speaks and the walk afterwards.

NO: How important is health and beauty in a women’s life?

KH: I believe that health should be very important in a woman’s life because without good health, beauty is irrelevant.

NO: What is the Vegan lifestyle and what impact does it have on your everyday life?

KH: Being Vegan helps to be mentally conscious of your everyday movements and to make better decisions, decisions that will in most cases, eliminate sickness, allow more energy when working and not to be so aggressive.

NO: How did you feel when you won your first world championship?

KH: After winning my first world championship, it was like a feeling of relief. A relief from poverty, the lack of having. I knew it was a step closer to raising my children in a nicer environment.

NO: What advise would give a young man considering a career in boxing?

KH: My advice to a young kid that wants to pursue a career of boxing, is to educate himself or herself in the sport to know what it is that the sport brings. Study fighters that they would like to be like, practice very hard and be very serious.

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

KH: I have never given it any thought of what I would like my legacy to be because it is so many

Model questions
1.Im currently a music producer right now, I’ve been producing music for 4 years. I also play basketball. I have been playing basketball for 8 years. I sometimes play football. I love to shop for things, like clothes, shoes, etc.
2.There has been many male models that likes to model or they like to dress up Mostly males who are famous love to dress up with style.
3.I would say the black mans style influenced the industry way is that there is more fashion designers and more fashion shows as well. I would say that black men’s have “different flavors” then other people.
4.Alessandro Michele influenced my style of style in some way. He is the creator of Gucci so when I see Gucci everywhere with people wearing it different types of way inspired me to dress a certain way.
5.I think the people that are giving off hatred vibes are just close minded and they don’t see the what’s going on outside the box. I think we need more leaders not just in a community but in the world and especially more role models because if we don’t have none of those things then it’s just going to be hate going all around.
6.Don’t let them stop you from reaching your goal. Maintain your focus and don’t get off track because if you do you going to slip up. Make sure you have a friend or two to back you up on your goal or your plan to succeed. Know your net worth. And what I mean by that is the people you hang around with they should be on the same mentality as you. If they’re not then there bring negativity to you, so like I said know your net worth.
7.I would say to him that my favorite albums from him were Graduation, The College Dropout, and 808’s and Heartbreaks and that hd is an amazing producer and artist and he inspired me into sampling songs and Turing them into one beat besides the fact he was siding with trump he is still my favorite producer all time.
8.Ya’ll are Queens and soldiers and I love y’all.
9.I want my legacy to an inspiration to everybody. To the young ones that are coming up as well. I don’t then to have a mindset where they want to be like like I want them to have a mindset where they want to be better than me. I want it so legendary Michael Jackson is going to come back and say “He’s Bad”.

that I would like to be involved in. But in all, I would love for people to know that I brought a clear message to a multitude of people on how to live, love and appreciate.


NO: It was a pleasure interviewing you.     How can I connect with you?

KH: Thank you for having me. They can find me on Instagram at @keithholmeworldchampion

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