Thursday, May 26, 2022



NO: Thank you for being a part of our November Luxe Man special issue. This month we are highlighting Men’s fashion, health and fitness and lifestyle. Can you define your style?

WADE: My style is more sophisticated and urban.

NO: Men’s fashion has been making a huge comeback and impact in society over the past year, why do you think that is?

WADE: I feel that men are starting to really take better care of their look and try more “out-of-the-box” styles. Nowadays, you find more guys doing more trendy things in fashion as well. More than anything, men are beginning to initiate more self-care, such as going to the spa, mani/pedis, etc. Self-care is growing and it definitely calls for respect. People will judge you before you open your mouth, so men are starting to put their best foot forward to allow their look to speak before they do.

NO: In what way do you feel the “Black Man’s” style has influenced the fashion industry?

WADE: I believe hip hop and black man swag has inspired the fashion industry as a whole. Hip hop is one of the most popular, influential genres. People don’t take everything from it, however, a lot of people are inspired by it, and make their own style. Hip hop and black = Swag.

NO: What designers have influenced your style?

WADE: The top designers that have influenced me the most are Hugo Boss, Topman, Paul Smith, Fendu and Balenciaga.

NO: The climate in the world today is at an all-time high of people showing more
hatred. What are your views and thoughts about it? What do we need as a community to improve it?

WADE: I think it starts with self-healing. A lot of people don’t have hope and they often don’t see themselves being able to grow past where are they are currently. Likewise, a lot of people are lacking hope and faith to see the possibility of that growth. Being a man of faith, I believe you need God in order to make it. It all starts with self-healing, seeing greatness within, having a vision and not blaming any other race, etc for your process. Some of us are overwhelmed by childhood experiences and past encounters that can lead to violence and discord. Change starts with us.

NO: As a black man in today’s society, what can you tell the young men who are seeing all the hate and racism? What advice would you give them?

WADE: I would say BE the change you want to see and don’t let it affect you to the point that you begin hating as well. Focus on living your life, and whatever you do, KEEP MOVING! Some people let adversity stop them, but you must stay positive. There’s also a lot of resources in the community to build yourself. When you know better, you’ll do better.

NO: If you were able to have a 10-minute conversation with Kanye West, what would you tell him?

WADE: Keep going with the Sunday services!

NO: What is one thing you would say to all women?

WADE: Know your worth. Never settle. So many women are trying to conform to the image of what society is suggesting is beautiful. Many are adjusting themselves with plastic surgery and other drastic measures that sometimes end up not turning out so well. You’re beautiful. Be you. And again, never settle.

NO: How would you define the “Luxe Man?”

WADE: A man of class, integrity, standard, knows how to dress and speaks well.

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

WADE: I wanted to make sure that I leave a legacy of humility and service. One that was able to inspire, motivate, and help them find their purpose in life.


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