Wednesday, May 25, 2022




The fashion industry can be compared to the health and legal industries: you never stop learning and there is always something “new” trending. Designer houses are constantly under pressure looking to fill that consumer demand and fund the fresh and creative talents.

We are in the process of  approaching 2020, and leaving what I hope, was a successful 2019. With brand new expectations and looks, fashionistasturn to sources that will provide them with new looks. While plus size fashion may have been living in the shadows, it is certainly having a moment in the sun right now and with the likes of Ashley Graham & Lizzo taking the world of plus size fashion mainstream it is easy to see why so many labels are keen to get involved.

I am happy to share with you a few names that should most definitely make it in your next search bar when shopping or looking for outfit inspiration:

The Hour venerates silhouette, confidence and identity. It is dedicated to creating contemporary plus size pieces that drape, frame and flatter the fuller figure. Founded by London-based Nana Rasoeva, this brand new size-inclusive brand perfectly fulfills their mantra, ‘luxury that fits’. Focusing on trend-led, contemporary pieces that flatter the figure, balance proportions and accentuate the waist – something that has previously been lacking in many other plus size offerings – The Hour is available in sizes 14-26 and features a covetable mix of wardrobe essentials from tailored jackets to THE perfect pair of tuxedos.

Anna Scholz Anna is one of the pillars of the designer plus size industry; a Central St Martinsgraduate, Anna has over two decades in the business – no mean feat for any plus size label. Famed for her gorgeously unique prints (designed in house) and easy to wear silhouettes, Anna’s pieces are always timeless. Most recognised for her dresses, Anna recently switched to producing six collections a year as well as introducing her much celebrated plus size workout line. You better get shopping!

PyerMoss After a breakout year on the runway, you’ve likely already heard of Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Pyer Moss. The brand captured the attention of those in and out of the fashion industry last September with its stunning New York Fashion Week show that celebrated black culture. Merging activism and important social conversation with a new take on streetwear, Pyer Moss is ushering much-needed perspective into the fashion world—one that celebrates and advocates for black culture in an unapologetic way.

Despite the fact that the brand was founded in 2013, this year will likely be one of tremendous growth and importance for Jean-Raymond, who was named the winner of 2018’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

These are certainly designers that will bring creativity and different to the fashion shows, what is really nice about these lines is that they are also attainable for “regular folks” .The price range includes variety that can capture various different markets.