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Real positive growth must be followed by action. You have to do things differently. This is where your pain can truly turn into your greatest power.

There are different types of pains in the world. There is that pain that hurts you beats you because you are unable to rise again and there is also the pain that hurts you but at the same time it changes you and challenges your inner growth. It is often the deepest pain of all that ignites you and empowers you to grow beyond your limits and expectations.

I can imagine that after experiencing anguish and pain due to betrayal,  emotional battles, disappointment with people you love and you trust, that you would feel as there is no hope and that nothing else really matters or is worth fighting for. Sinking into a dark place where a darkness is so great, so powerful, that you would be unsure whether or not you could ever bring yourself back to the light….real pain!

That is the moment that you should focus on finding what I like to call “the switch”. when you realize that the pain that you are feeling is because of others. Others / circumstances were pushing you down, making you feel worthless and second guessing your every move….even questioning your purpose. At that precise moment, you need to be snapped back: why are you letting others make you feel that way? Why are you empowering others to dictate the journey of your life? ENOUGH!

Each new hurt will make you even stronger..each betrayal, each bad experience will make you more wise. With each disappointment you shall become more skillful. You will be stronger because of the hard times and you will be wiser because of your mistakes.  If your mind and body have been through a battlefield but you are still standing, then know that you are WORTHY…you are still here and you are still fighting.

Use pain as your motivation…to create…to engage…to take risks beyond the unthinkable. Become a voice for those that cannot openly speak of their pain. Turn your pain into something positive that will help you elevate yourself and others. Will you be nervous? absolutely! But be determine to explore and seek support when necessary and when you are feeling like you are going to fail.

Pain is an opportunity to learn about yourself…discover talents, raise awareness, create new friends. Use your pain to push you to GREATNESS, for at the end of that journey call pain, you will experience the ultimate success.

No matter how many times you fall, rise once more through the pain and torture (please remember to straighten your crowns)…Turn your pain into POWER!

By: Kenty Lichtenberg of

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