Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Phenomenal Woman

“I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that’s me.” –Maya Angelou

Considering that fact that this month is Breast Cancer and Domestic violence awareness month, I found it appropriate to speak about the great tenacity of women all over the world. When I think about the force that it takes to be a woman, I have found that our strength is truly unmeasurable. What inspires me most about women is watching how we can turn nothing into something; how we are capable of inspiring nations, and watching women transform their pain into action, that is destined to help the multitudes. When the blows of life come, and all hope is gone, women are sure to rise from the ashes better than what they initially started from; this too is a testament of the great strength of women. Over my life span I have had the great pleasure of witnessing countless women walk fearlessly through their afflictions only to birth great purpose from what they have endured. Women’s battle scares are a badge of honor, and proof that we can face and get through anything that comes our way. Wow, what an honor it is to be a woman.  Today, I want you to reflect on the things that you have endured; considering what has catapulted you into the woman you are today. Celebrate your successes no matter how small, because these experiences have helped you become the phenomenal woman that you are today. As a professional life coach, I want to leave you a few tips to assist you on the battle field of life, so that you may not only survive, but thrive continually through life’s challenges.


1.)    View Difficulties as an Opportunity for Growth

Problems are always disguised as opportunities. So, reframe from negative thoughts concerning your trials and tribulations, and transform from a victim to a victor.

2.) Count it All Joy- Keep in mind that lifes storms don’t last always. I know it’s easier said than done. However, when challenges arise remind yourself that what you are going through is simply a test. You will be victorious and you are not a victim to any circumstance(s). Continue to fight through whatever you are facing and learn to thrive while you’re going through it.

3.)  Learn from Life Challenges

Reflect on your experiences and what you’ve learned and begin to apply them to every area of your life. Your won victories is simply wisdom that you’ve earned to take your lifes purpose to the next level. Begin to utilize what you’ve been through to work for your advantage.

As always, I hope that this message has been a blessing to you. I’m praying for you always, God bless.

-Coach Lilene French