Saturday, June 25, 2022



Thank you for being a part of our power issue dedicated to survivors of cancer and domestic violence.

NO: Tell our readers a little about yourself?

AMIRAH: My Name is Amirah and I was born in Washington D.C but raised in Prince George’s County,MD. I’m a 26 year old student and preschool teacher to toddlers in Loudoun county ,VA. I’m currently studying to obtain my B.A. in psychology for youth and adolescent development. Some of my hobbies include photography ,painting cooking and reading.

NO: Can you define being a survivor in your own words?

AMIRAH: A survivor is someone who accepts that what was done to them was not their fault nor does it  define them. A survivor is someone who is moving forward toward healing and walking in their truth by being honest with what happened.

NO: What can we do more as an industry to advocate more for our cancer and for domestic violence survivors?

AMIRAH: Constantly spread any awareness ! unfortunately there are a lot of people that still don’t know enough to want to support , donate or do research etc. The industry must use its platform to educate people from the  basic signs to available  resources and so on. On the other end remind anyone trying to be supportive that it’s a sensitive topic and time ,  be patient. If they aren’t ready please don’t force them but let them know you are there. A fun thing to do would be have a casting call for survivors , a photo shoot. Allow them to feel alive , empowered ,sexy and larger than their battle. Allow people to see them as human again and not just want happened.

NO: Define the meaning of beauty in your own words?

AMIRAH: Beauty is being completely comfortable , accepting and yet vulnerable to your imperfections and favorite features in the same space.

NO: What’s your most favorite fall or winter street style look?

AMIRAH: I’d have to say casual! I love being comfortable jeans , a cozy sweater or cardigan and boots.

NO: Who is your favorite designer?

AMIRAH: Tennille McMillan. Tennille’s work embarks on a life of its own. It speaks for itself : fierce , comfortable, head turning and bold.

NO: Six words the best describe you?

AMIRAH:Assertive, Genuine, Compassionate, affable, reliable and selfless.

NO: What advise would give a young girl struggling with her self-esteem and embracing her kurves?

AMIRAH: Each day remind yourself that you were made in HIS image. Don’t let the media tell you what’s “beautiful”. Love yourself for who you are and never let anyone make you feel unworthy because you are considered “too tall, short , thick ,thin” etc. when your confidence has been elevated you become untouchable.

NO: What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”

AMIRAH: Luxe Beautie is a Woman who is driven and confident. A woman who is constantly moving forward not only to benefit herself but encouraging other women to do the same.

Model: @foreveryoung326

Photographer @raleighmarketing

Wardrobe: @cannlandersmfg

Makeup: @infusedfaces

Hair: @kanikastyles