Tuesday, May 24, 2022




I have shared my story before about being a survivor of domestic abuse after my abuse I made myself aware of the characteristics that abusive predators have, yes I call them predators because they do prey on women and men who they feel they can control and abuse.

After getting out of my abuse I did date others that they too resembled the trait not only did I do my own therapy to stop attracting these type of people I can now spot it out in anyone. An abusive relationship does not happen in only a romantic setting but it can also happen in a professional setting. As long as they are feeding their insecure voids by abusing someone, they are satisfying their thirst.

Here are my tips on how to spot an abusive predator:

Too Strong

Predators tend to come on too strong as they are trying to prove to you that you should trust them NOW! Complimenting you every minute, wanting you to tell them everything about who you are only after meeting them 5 minutes ago. It takes time to build that trust with anyone in your life, hell even with family members. If you noticed that they are being too strong and when you say something against it and the reaction is crazy, run for the hills!

Can I meet your family?

If after speaking to this person one time or going out on one date and they are asking you when they can meet your family or they are trying to get you to meet theirs, NOPE run! Predators do this to try to make you feel all mushy inside and they do this to try to gain the trust of your family so when they begin to show your true colors they can have your family against you. I had this happen to me. The predator I was dated at the time had locked in my mother into us web so every time he would show his true colors and I wanted to run, somehow he would speak to my mother and she would defend him.

I caught on real quick to his game and still ran my ass away!

Victim! I’m the victim!

A predator loves I mean loves to be the victim! Every week they will have a new tale for you. Such as my mother is sick then the next week, my grandfather is dying, then my daughter wants to disown to my check will not clear. Every week it will be something new to have you feeling sorry for them so they can keep you locked into their web. In true predator form, their lies will begin to unravel and more lies will be created.

Pay attention to this tip because they normal led with this one and tend to always have someone dying or about to die in their family.

Offer the world

I will give the moon, sun, stars and more just like, “After 7.” If you only have been talking to this person for only a few weeks and they are offering to fly you to New York or Africa, ummm red flag! Yes, some people are nice but really? A predator will have themselves sounding like they are Bill Gates nephew but in reality they are Pookie’s Cousin and still living at home in the basement at their grandmothers house. Allow anyone to prove themselves to you after a week or two there is no way they could have done that.

These are my tips to spot an abusive predator. I did not just make them up as I experienced all of these tips first hand!

Pay attention to the signs and do not ignore your gut because 9 times out of 10 your right!