Wednesday, May 25, 2022





NO: Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

MIDORI: I am Midori Amae, DCW50’s America’s Next Top Model Fan Favorite, Miss Black Virginia USA, and Creative Director and Managing Editor of i-Fashion Magazine. My purpose in life is to edu-lighten, inspire and empower black and brown people by arming them with knowledge and motivation to develop themselves. I share these messages through my podcast, my platform @PrayAndSlayLife and hosting various TV shows.

NO: What 6 words describe you best?

Peace. Grace. Optimistic. Empathetic. Leader. Fox.

NO: I What can we do more as an industry to advocate more for our cancer and for domestic violence survivors

MIDORI: believe we all can be advocates for our survivors and shed a brighter light on the issue through partnerships in philanthropy and education.

NO: Define what friendship means to you.

MIDORI: Friendship is about support and uplifting someone else. It’s about accepting someone for who they are in their journey and walking alongside them as they grow.

NO: What do you love about your girlfriends individually and why?

MIDORI: In our industry, or anywhere else for that matter, it can be difficult to make friends or find genuine connections among successful women. We pour into each other, celebrate and check each other, lol.

Lisa reminds me of my old dancing days. I admire her Peace and Grace on and off the stage. She’s always calm and collected no matter the situation.

Keyo taps into my inner child! Our energy is wild and I love our Patty Cake, twerk sessions and selfies, haha. I love her super positive outlook and perspective on life.

Faren is my conscious. She has no problem telling it like it is, matter-of-fact, respectfully and honestly. She reminds me (and probably all of us) that we are bosses and badasses I’m our own rights, and to stand in that power. She’s truly an inspiration and leader.

NO: What is the one thing you would tell a young girl looking in the mirror who is having a hard time loving herself?

MIDORI: YOU CAN DO IT! Whatever it is you want to do, it’s possible. You can start a restaurant, be a lawyer, go to space, create new technology, maybe even cure a disease! As long as you apply yourself and do the work, the life you want is possible.

NO: What’s the meaning of a Luxe Beauty to you?

MIDORI: Luxe Beauty is the feeling of luxury and high-quality, high-fashion for all, inside and out! To me, it could be a great beauty hack or a splurge at a small business salon.

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

MIDORI: My legacy will be that of service, kindness, and empathy. I want others to remember me for standing up for the right thing, making a way for myself, and bringing others on that journey as well.



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