Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Thank you for being a part of our power issue dedicated to survivors of cancer and domestic violence.

NO: Can you tell our readers a little about you?

DJPD: I began modeling when I was in my twenties, and have taken my modeling to another level since I have been back in action.  I became part of Maryland Bikini Team 2015.  I have also wanted to design my own bathing suit as well since being part of this team. Being a model is what I strive to be much more professional so I decided to do something extra since I love fashion and what is stands for.  Fashion  and music is my passion and I have loved it since I was young.

Magazine publications, runway shows, and becoming a new female DJ will help advance my modeling career. Music is also my passion as I enter the world of a DJ known as PynkDyamond and I love the fact I can play different types of genres for special and private events. I am here to show the world that women over forty can still follow their modeling dream or any dream they may have to live it.

NO: October is our Power issue for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence.  What can we do more than black culture to help raise awareness for these causes?


  • Hold seminars in all cities throughout the US.
  • Assist each victim with a safe haven without so many questions being asked of them.
  • Promote self esteem and self worth and teach your kids (girls)better about what is happening and what is not tolerated.
  • Support groups in all cities for young girls to adults.
  • Breast cancer give all women free exams and support groups to follow up on results of exams to talk with someone early.
  • Offer free surgery based on a financial screening.
  • Education needs to come from more doctors.


    NO: Define the meaning of beauty in your own words?

    DJPD:  Beauty is in some many aspects that it could a broad topic.  In my own opinion, I believe beauty is something that you have a desire to become successful to something that drives you to a passion of yours. Beauty gives off energy, motivation and trustworthy that’s what my granny raised me on certain values. So I never thought Beauty was just being a person that is pretty. It is much more!

    NO: What’s your most favorite fall or winter street style look?

    DJPD: My favorite fall look would be a jean jacket with fur, a pair of cute leggings and long sleeve V neck tee spandex material with a pair ankle boots or my Red Bottoms ( Bianca).

    NO: Who is your favorite designer?

    DJPD: Michael Kors the look is simple but could be sexy, you can dress it up or dress down. Simple to bling jewelry and the shoes are definitely on point.

    NO: Six words that best describe you?

    DJPD: Motivation, Ambitious, Outgoing, Energetic, Hopeful and Faithful

    NO: What advise would give a young girl struggling with her self-esteem and embracing her kurves?

    DJPD: Have a face to face conversation with first, to hear their story which the key thing is to listen to them before offering advice. Then I would tell them my story because they may not be alone. The main thing is to respect how they feel and come up with a plan of action to assist them. I do that now with the models I manage through my own modeling elite team. Guidance, motivation and showing how much I care about them through giving hands on assistance in areas they need help in.

    NO: What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”

    DJPD: A Luxe Beautie could be someone giving their energy, passion, motivation to all women whether young or old and give off good vibes and positivity.

Becky G.
DCS Entertainment &Mgmt Co LLC