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BJ: Our October issue us our survivor issue. Survivor of cancer and domestic violence. Why was it so important for you to agree to be our October cover model for this issue?

ALN: It’s an honor to be associated and identified amongst strong, influential and powerful women as a public figure. And to celebrate this month for the survivors of cancer and domestic violence as a woman of substance for the cover story is a reward. Women are the essence behind the ignition in strength in many ways around the world, and to be able to inspire, motivate and even be engulfed with women who are paving the way in their own spotlight daily is an experience in its own. We are defined by so many trials and tribulations of the world and being a “survivor” of any battle in life is one of the most diverse spectrums resembling the beauty of a woman who continues to defy the odds.

BJ: Define being a survivor in your own words?

ALN: To me, being a survivor means someone that has been able to overcome adversity on their journey. A survivor to me is a warrior who embraces a calling undefined! Someone who is willing to fight during any blood, sweat or tears revealed during the event, yet come out even stronger. A survivor is an individual who sets a tone in life that they will become the fight until there is no fight left within them.

BJ: Do you have any survivors in your family? If so, how did you help them overcome?

ALN: My mother is a survivor of domestic abuse from a previous relationship and my father is a survivor of an ongoing battle of prostate cancer. So, I have seen it from both sides of these two topics firsthand as a daughter to both.

BJ: What can we do more as an industry to advocate more for our cancer and for domestic violence survivors?

ALN: As an entertainer, you don’t automatically assume that you will be viewed as a “role model” or even an individual of influence because to us, we are just following our calling, our passion. and then there are people who are in the entertainment industry who seek to be a symbolism of hope and inspiration on topics like these for people to fight more, question more, express more, speak more and the right people in position to just act and do more. Those entertainers enjoy and a true passion for the community at large to be more open to opportunities, advantages, guidance and more for those who are in need. Some things that can be done to advocate more for cancer or domestic violence survivors are becoming more vocal, utilize social platforms with more purpose and intentional action to be a voice, a movement or an influence that ignites change.

BJ: Being in the public eye you have a responsibility to help empower women and young girls. What do you do to empower them?

ALN: That goes back to what I just spoke on in the previous question, it is automatically assumed as a part of our role being in the public eye, we are also a role model for many different things to the public at large. To me, in a sense, that entertainer or influential person needs to also choose to be such advocator for said issues. I believe that we can make a difference while following our dreams just being a human being that gets to experience a new day. No matter the size of your action, or if its eve n being seen on social media. It goes back the that renown saying “Be the change that you seek in the world around you.

With me, I go to different schools nationally, have book readings for my new children’s book “Amarita’s Way” that is available in English, Spanish and French. I am working with the publishing house on my second children’s book to be released now. Eventually, I wat to turn my stories into series like Dora, The Explorer. I like to empower women to accept their flaws as beautiful unique identifiers on my social media platforms, as well as, just encouraging at least one person a day to think and do different day by day.

BJ: What are your views or thoughts about the current state of the curvy/ plus size industry?

ALN: I think every woman no matter their age, ethnicity, size or imperfections represent a code that spell beauty in different languages around the world. Women with kurves being in the spotlight In pop culture is amazing and just a breath of fresh air to break more barriers that has defined how we are viewed in the media in the past. Today, we are making them use the definition of sexy and appeal on our own terms, not theirs.

BJ: What is the one thing you would tell a young girl looking in the mirror who is having a hard time loving herself?

ALN: You are beautiful! And make sure you keep reminding yourself of this daily. You are one of a kind and was born to be imperfect in every way. And there is no one that can ever be YOU! Now smile because you are going to do amazing things in the future.


BJ: What do you want your legacy to be?

ALN: FEARLESS. I want my legacy to represent the many layers that defines who Amara La Negra is a woman first, as an international entertainer, and an advocate to live your life unapologetically reaching for every star that your hands can touch.

 BJ: What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”

ALN: A “Luxe Beautie” is a woman who honors other women who symbolizes uniqueness, kindness, boldness and a fire that can not be tamed. She is fierce in her stride to live out loud on the journey destined for her path without any limits.


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