Thursday, May 26, 2022



NO: Tell our readers a little about yourself.

FIKIR: Well a little basic thing about me is that I’m from Ethiopia came to USA not too long ago. I like to think of myself as the type of person who works hard to get what I want in life. I like to explore and experience things new things. I consider myself a warm hearted person and good friend.

NO: What excites you about fashion?

FIKIR: Fashion is just what I love. Creative photoshoots and events are great to be apart of.

NO: Define beauty in your own words.

FIKIR:  How you look from the outside is just a bonus.  People can be so pretty and still be ugly. My generation considers  beauty as having a great body, nice face, hair but I will beauty starts within.

NO: What’s your favorite fall or winter street look?

FIKIR: My favorite street look is like wearing baggy pants with a shirt with a sneaker. Teyana Taylor can be a good example for a street look just wearing oversized outfits. My favorite fall or winter look is wearing big puff coats and high knee heel boots. Also like turtle neck sweaters and sweater dresses with coats. Karl Lagerfeld’s  work and style has always inspired me.

NO: What 6 words describe you best?

FIKIR: Adventurous, Goofy, Outgoing, Caring, Fun, and Ambitious.

NO: What advise would you give a young girl struggling with self-esteem?

FIKIR: I feel like having low self-esteem comes from people talking and judging that person so NEVER listen to what anybody has say about your look. Everyone was created different and beautiful in their own way. Always uplift yourself and try not to compare yourself to another. Give yourself credit and be positive.

NO: What’s the meaning of a Luxe Beauty to you?

FIKIR: Showing your beauty with or without makeup.


Model: Fikir @wtffikirrr

Photographer @raleighmarketing

Wardrobe: @cannlandersmfg

Makeup: @doshia_monae_artistry

Hair: @kanikastyles