Thursday, May 19, 2022



We’ve always known that music can soothe the soul, but research shows it can improve your overall health too. Art and music as therapy was used as far back as 1789, though it wasn’t developed as a clinical profession until around the 1940s.

Music produces feelings and a combination of sensations: sadness, joy and melancholy. It is the one thing that can instantly make you walk down memory lane as you remember both the good and the bad. Research and studies have shown that music is good for the soul and is currently seen as a form of healing (with the right methods of course). Music therapists aim to ease pain, nourish social connections, stimulate self confidence and bring peace and familiarity to patients regardless of their path in life.

There is no doubt in my mind that music…not English, is the universal language. Music has the power to unite nations and cultures far beyond our human imagination. It is the one thing that no matter the circumstances in your life, is always welcome in your life (in your car, behind your laptop, in the privacy of your home and even during working hours).

Globally music genres have also changed and adapt the various cultures, this has only expanded a greater reach while seeing music as a communication tool. The days of music being limited to a specific audience are long gone. Music is seen as the catalyst that triggers your entire being. The one thing we can all agree is that up to this present day it has been used as the most effective form of self expression.

Have you ever tried relating a song to a particular occurrence in your life? I can guarantee you that there music has and will always be present in every milestone (1st birthday party, first kiss, your wedding day, and yes also your funeral). A day does not goes by, where an individual would not be involved with listening to music. The pleasure and soothing  that comes from music, even in your saddest moments cannot be compared to anything tangible.

Music is a gift that an artist share with us and that we embrace with our mind, body and soul. We will be forever lucky to be able enjoy music, and although there are different strokes for different will continue to live beyond the end of time….


By: Kenty Lichtenberg of

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