Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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BJ: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your business?
Young Black &’N Business™ was established and incorporated in October 2017 by Roosevelt Williams III. Young Black &’N Business™ is a Platform for entrepreneurs. Our motto is “Our Network is Our Networth.” We have quarterly Networking Mixers and a annual Festival. This years Festival will be Saturday, August 24TH.
BJ: Young Black N’ Business Festival is on August 24th, what was your motivation to creating this event?
CHAIRMAN: As the Chairman of the Board I was inspired to bring Environmental Justice to my peers that were unable to identify opportunities within our community. The Festival happened organically by the individuals within the organization that superseded expectations. We wanted celebrate each others success in a fun family, friendly environment.
BJ: Do you feel the black community still has a problem really supporting one another? If so, why and how can we overcome this stigma?
CHAIRMAN: I speak for many people however at this time I will speak for myself and say as a people we are developing the positive mental fortitude to celebrate each other without being acrimonious or bitter. We are becoming organized and supportive. Our people and our city is stronger when we work together. Young Black &’N Business™ is leading by example and setting new norm for the up and coming generation. We can ultimately overcome this stigma by communicating respectfully with one another and working cohesively with each other. “We are on the same team.”
We all may not be in the same boat however we are all in the same storm.
BJ: San Diego gets slack for having the crab in the bucket mentality. What are your thoughts about this?
CHAIRMAN: I’m happy that you asked that question; the 13 most mature and effective ways to deal with people who exhibited the crab mentality are:
•Let your Success speak for itself
•Be optimistic
•Keep doing what your doing
•Be yourself
•Be a good example
•Love what you do
•Accept failure as part of the process
•Value good friendship
•Have Faith in the process
•Treasure your inner peace
•Forgive and move on
•Aim High
•Join Young Black &’N Business™
BJ: What can we expect from this year’s festival?
CHAIRMAN: We are celebrating 2 years of Black Excellence in San Diego’s  hip, historic, City Heights neighborhood one of the largest celebration of its kind in San Diego. This festival attracts over 250+ attendees. A multi-generational celebration, the festival offers food, music, award ceremony, history and interactive activities for children and families. The  Young Black &’N Business™ Festival includes live performances from San Diego’s hottest talent, and appearances from San Diego’s prominent city officials. This event attracts over 30 vendors, more than 30 volunteers and is strongly supported by the People of San Diego.
BJ: Where can people go to purchase tickets?
You can purchase tickets at:

Instagram  @ybandnb