Saturday, June 25, 2022




“It is important to spend your life around the people who keep you laughing …the people who celebrate you…the people who love the YOU that YOU love”.


NO: Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?  

SHAYNA: I’m a mother of a 16 year old son, I work for a subcontractor, and I’ve been writing and singing since I was a little girl.

NO: Can you give me 6 words the best describe yourself? 

SHAYNA: Emotional, Empathetic, Creative, Impulsive, Intuitive, Peaceful

NO: This August we’re celebrating music and entertainment. How important do you feel music is to the black culture?

SHAYNA: Music is EVERYTHING to our culture. We can take it back to even the days of slavery. Black people would use music to communicate with each other…music was used as a way to uplift, to worship…it was all we had at one time.

NO: What do you admired about your group members individually? 

SHAYNA: Keisha is a beautiful soul. I admire her honesty, and her desire to always do what’s right and fair. She’s very transparent. What you see is what you get with her, and I love that.

Lashawn is brave and to the point. It seems like nothing is a challenge to her, even if it is.. You never have to wonder what she’s thinking. She’s going to keep it totally funky with you at all times. I love that..

Angela is a go-getter, and easy to talk to. She has a natural charisma that helps maneuver thru life’s challenges with grace. She’s also a natural leader. I admire that.

NO: What female groups have influenced you?

SHAYNA: The Supremes, En Vogue, Destiny’s Child, Xscape and The Braxtons

NO: How can more women celebrate their kurves this summer?

SHAYNA: EMBRACE THEM! I love thighs, hips, and all of that! Don’t be afraid or ashamed of what God gave you. Don’t shy away from clothing that shows the beauty of your natural figure. You are BEAYOUTIFUL, QUEEN!

NO: What can we do more as an industry to advocate more woman embracing their bodies and loving them without the pressure of the social media? 

SHAYNA: Magazines, and videos can promote more of the natural bodies….like we did in the 90’s…Women were considered sexy for just being THEM…thick, thin, whatever…If women can start seeing their reflections on tv and in magazines again, instead of an unrealistic standard of beauty or sex appeal, I think we’d see a LOT more women accepting themselves for who they are.

NO: What is the one thing you would tell a young girl looking in the mirror who is having a hard time loving her kurves? 

SHAYNA: I would tell her to start from the inside. A lot of what we see on the outside, is a result of what we tell ourselves daily. I would give her some positive affirmations…Once she truly feels beautiful inside, those curves will just be a bonus!

NO: What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”

SHAYNA: Luxe Beautie, to me is embracing the natural beauty within you…being bold and beautiful…and authentic!

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

SHAYNA: Once I’m long gone, I would like people to remember me as someone who brought them PEACE and LAUGHTER. Someone they were free to be themselves around. I want to be remembered as a creator of soulful music..and a good person.


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