Tuesday, May 24, 2022



NO: Can you tell our readers about a little yourself?

AMBROSIA: I am a 40 year old published plus model,  wife, mother of 4 and certified mechanic. I have been modeling for about 10 years now and working on automotives for 20 years.

NO: can you give me 6 words that best describe you?

AMBROSIA:Confident, motivated, creative, goofy, caring, and strong.

NO:  We’re celebrating music and entertainment during the month of August.  How important do you feel music is to the black culture?

AMBROSIA: Music is the backbone of our community. Its been documented as being one of our most known traditions let alone one our of greatest tools for self expression. I personally need music for motivation be it at the gym or working out emotional baggage.

NO: What type of music do you listen to during your workout routine?

AMBROSIA: My workout playlist is very broad. I love working out to Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Sia, Drake and Cardi B to name a few artist. All types of music can provide that bassline and tempo I need to get going.

NO: What advice would you give someone struggling with weight and self-esteem issues?

AMBROSIA: When I  began modeling i was almost 300 pounds and very insecure. It took for me to see myself in a different light which was boudior modeling to really embrace my body. I’ve since worked on my inner confidence by changing how I eat and exercising on a regular basis. Over the years on that journey my body changed drastically but my love for myself didn’t. Learning to love yourself no matter the package is very important. You have to look at yourself and know you can wear that dress and kill it or that bikini. Know that you back fat and belly are ok. If you want to change and loose weight thats ok too. Acceptance of who and what you are is more important then any like or negative comment.  Make every move for you and your confidence will grow eminencly.

NO: How can more women celebrate their kurves this Fall?

AMBROSIA: Celebrate your Kurves through healthy decisions. Eat better exercise more go shopping to reward yourself and your goals. Then dress those kurves and motivate the next person. There’s always someone to motivate with your journey and confidence.

NO: What can we do more as an industry to advocate more woman embracing their bodies and loving them without the pressure of the social media?

AMBROSIA: That’s a hard question. Social media has taken over everything and created so much negativity right along with the positivity. I think showing more diversity in body types is a huge responsibility in this industry. Stop only showing “eye candy” show and glamorize all the candy! If more men and women saw more people that looked like themselves in a positive spotlight it would balance that pressure from social media and society all together.

NO: What do you want your legacy to be?

AMBROSIA: I want to be remembered for my creativity. I bring so much to the table and express so much through my art form I  want someone to  always be abe to use my struggles and achievements for motivation. I want to know my pictures no matter how sexy, classy, or artistic have pushed someone else to see that they can achieve anything they want no matter the age or body they’ve been given.


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Photos by Dennis Dame

IG @bigphotoguy

Model Ambrosia Jones

IG @bigmfbaby

Dress by Shug The Great