Sunday, July 3, 2022
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LUXE MUSIC: Love is Love with MADYX



June was such an inspiring month for all of us. It was Pride month, which is dedicated to recognizing that love is love. All locations that host a Pride event are not only about showing equality for love with posters, balloons, and rainbow colors; but also with music.

One musician in particular, has performed at quite a few Pride events this month, and her name is MADYX. She is a one of a kind performer that will get you pumped up and living in the moment. This young alternative/pop artist just turned 27 and is full of life. The most recent event that she performed at was OC Pride. You only have to witness her presence once, to know that she is a natural on stage. She not only has the gift of singing but she also plays guitar. Her newest singles include “Curious”, “Girl Boy”, and “I Melt With You”. You may first notice her originality in her purple iconic hair.

MADYX has also performed at La Pride, Phoenix Pride, Genny Fest, Pride Prom, she also won last years BeatDown in Vegas; her music has been played over 80 plus radio stations, and hit over 225k (and counting) streams on Spotify. Her personality is shown not only through her music style but her fashion style as well. This young woman is all about doing what makes you happy in life and following your dreams. Make sure you check her out to follow any up and coming shows! If you attended Pride you more than likely saw her or heard her voice from afar. We hope you all enjoyed Pride and Pride month! Love is love.