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BJ: Congratulations, on being our Luxe June cover model! What were your first thoughts when you found out you were selected?
BW: Thank you so much for this opportunity!! My initial reaction to finding out that I would be on the cover of June’s Issue was overly exhilarated!!
BJ: Tell our readers about Bianca?
BW: Bianca was once this little girl with a vision but is now a woman you see before you with a passion to do all things FEARLESSLY. I’ve recently learned to live outside the box and explore my talents (more to come) and I must say, I am living my Blessed Life by doing so. I am a Mother, a Curvy Plus Size Published Model, and a Lifestyle Blogger who is on the rise and refuses to let anything or anyone keep me from doing so. I enjoy meeting and working with like minded individuals who can come together to uplift and support one another.

BJ: June is our “Luxe Summer” issue, how will you be enjoying your summer?
BW: Summer 2019 has already introduced some new and exciting opportunities that I am honestly looking forward to! But, other than that I plan to spend my Summer blooming more as a Blogger and Model as well as enjoying trips, cook outs, and fun times with family and friends.
BJ: How do you know when you found that special someone?
BW: I know this may seem cliche’, but I feel like when you know… just know. Meeting that special someone will have you on cloud 9 and the feeling will definitely be mutual; no if, ands, or buts about it. The connection you will feel from that special person is more of a mental mindset rather than a physical one. Patience is key.
BJ: Tell all the readers how they can have a “A Luxe Summer?”
BW: By embracing your natural beauty and giving the beach whatever body you choose to give it!
BJ: When did you decided to love your kurves? How do fight the negative comments by others?
BW: Honestly I began to love and accept my curves when I started modeling more and more in fashion shows in and around the DMV area. The amount of love that was being poured into me by representing curvy women on the runway allowed my self-esteem to flourish into not caring what others think of my size. As long as I loved me then that was all that mattered. I love being a representation of curvy women because most times we are not taken into consideration and are not often represented enough as much as the smaller women are in the industry. Plus I was that little girl who  once thought that I had to be small to be pretty and I was ugly as being big, so being a curvy woman today representing beauty is quite the blessing!
BJ: Nike recently released their kurvy mannequins to the world and have received a lot of backlash. What are your thoughts about them receiving the backlash?
BW: When I recently saw all the negative comments made about the  mannequin I was so hurt and angry all at the same time. I feel like the curvy community have come so far but when ignorant statements are made towards someone’s body type it just pushes us further back.
BJ: Why do you feel society still has a problem accepting us kurvy women as the definition of beauty?
BW:  Society has a problem because it started with society. For years now society continues to praise smaller women in magazines, stores, and on social media as the definition of beauty when in reality ALL BODY TYPES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! We give society too much credit when it comes to how we should feel about our own bodies. This is why so many women are turning to surgery for society acceptance instead of embracing their own curves. I truly pray that one day the discrimination against different body types STOP. We as curvy women can continue to take a stand by embracing, uplifting, and cheering each other on.
BJ: Do you have a fashion tip to give our readers for summer?
BW:  Wear what you want and how you want, but whatever you wear make sure you step out owning it!!!
BJ: What do you want your legacy to be?
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