Thursday, May 26, 2022



Summer Summer Time……………………

Summer time is around the corner and that means the kids will be home and ready for a new adventure every day. For many, part of those adventures are cookouts, trips to the local ice cream shop, picnics, and dining out on vacation. Although all of that is a wonderful part of summer, it can catch up to you and, before you know it, your body starts to feel run down from all of those burgers and ice cream sundaes. Here are some tips on how to eat healthy with the kids this summer.

  • Pack your snacks: Summer time means sports games and road trips galore and, with all of that time in the car, you are bound to get hungry. It can be so tempting to pull over to McDonalds for a side order of fries or an ice cream cone to fill you up while on the go, but there is a better option. Whenever I travel, I make sure to have a bunch of healthy snacks in; the car for when those cravings or hunger pangs strike. Pack a small cooler with fresh fruit, baggies of carrots and celery, natural beef jerky, veggie straws, protein bars, or whatever quick and healthy snack you prefer. You will save money by not stopping through the drive through and save yourself from regretting eating something that doesn’t make you feel great.

  • Make it fun: Kids love to feel like they are doing something important and that goes for, you guessed it, cooking in the kitchen. Instead of throwing together some mac and cheese and frozen pizza because they are convenient, make it a fun activity for the kiddos and let them help play chef. Maybe they help put a salad together or maybe they help make fruit bowls. Whatever it is, make it fun and they will have happy memories of making healthy food which could make them keener on making healthy food in the future.

  • Take time out: In this modern world we live in, it can feel like we are always on the move and that there is no time to just sit and relax. That can be detrimental to the family dynamic and, especially to the way we eat. It is way more convenient to grab food on the go than to prepare food ahead of time. Not only is that an expensive habit, but it also creates an unhealthy idea of what eating should be like. This summer try to make it your mission to make time to cook your own food, but also to make time to eat together. Instead of always eating on the go or in front of the tv or in the car, try and make time, even if you only make it 20 minutes, to sit down and eat together. This will help you to enjoy your food more, eat slower, and connect with each other more.


With all of this being said, make sure to enjoy your cookouts and ice cream sundaes this summer, but don’t forget the important of treating your body right and instilling healthy choices in the kids.