Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Summer is coming up and that means you will need fun things to do! Here are some 2019 summer festivals that you just might want to check out before you do too much of your own planning.

 Lightening in a Bottle is happening mid May in Bradley. This festival is known as LIB and is the largest transformation music festival in California. Another festival that happens in May is the Joshua Tree Music Festival. It takes place twice a year and is located at the Joshua Tree National Park. It’s all about empowerment and personal growth.

Northern Nights Music Festival happens in July in Cook Valley. This festival is one that you should experience because it is more than just music. It has food, live art, yoga, a hammock lounge, and so much more. On August 3rd-August 4th the Hard Summer Music Festival returns to Fontana. This is all about larger-than-life electronic music and hip-hop entertainers.

 If that isn’t quite your taste in music there is also a mini festival on August 18th at the Hollywood Bowl. This is called the Smooth Summer Jazz Festival. The Outside Land Music Festival is for three days in mid August and is at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The tickets may be more on the pricier side but the festival is very diverse and worth the money.

 Kaaboo Del Mar Music Festival is happening mid September in San Diego. This is more than just a festival this is an overall experience you have to see to believe. It has it all from rock and roll music to amazing food, comedy, and contemporary art. You of course can’t miss the Nocturnal Wonderland Festival in San Bernardino. This is happening on September 13th and is all about EDM music.

There is so much to choose from when it comes to going to festivals and what you personally enjoy. The one thing we can take away from each event is that they are fun, worth the money, and an overall great addition to your summer. Go out and have a great time!