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       Hollywood Actress and May Cover Model: Brely Evans

We had the great pleasure of having actress Brely Evans graced our “May Cover” this month and we were so honored! A curvy Hollywood star who loves her body is what makes her a LUXE Cover Beautie! I had the pleasure sitting down to interview her and this was a dream come true to me! Sit back and read all about Brely Evans our May LUXE Cover Beautie!

BJ: Define the meaning of beauty in your own words?

BE: The meaning of beauty to me is finding your most authentic self and LOVING IT!!

BJ: How can we overcome the current perception of what the media portrays what beauty is?

BE: We can over come the media’s definition of beauty by continuing to CREATE new media that has a better view of what REAL beauty is. Thats one reason why Im so excited about my NEW SHOW Ambitions coming to OWN mid-June… shows women in different walks of life OWNING their beauty!

BJ: Being a curvy actress in Hollywood did you ever feel the pressures of having to lose weight and how did you deal with that pressure?

BE: I did feel the pressure to lose weight….but I had put it on myself. Thinking Id be more accepted or get more opportunities if I was thinner. The truth is I work so much I dont have time to LOSE WEIGHT!!! LOL Im perfect just like I am to portray an array of characters! I do suggest being healthy by exercising and eating quality food No matter what weight you are.

BJ: What are your views or thoughts about the current state of being plus size in media and America?

BE: I totally love that curvy women are being seen more! This shift has caused so many women to break out of their shell and Im here for all of it!

BJ: What is the one thing you would tell a young girl looking in the mirror who is having a hard time loving her kurves?

BE: Id tell that young girl….”CANT NOBODY DO IT LIKE YOU” You are special and unique for a reason…so love yourself right where you are.

BJ: You currently reside in Atlanta and left LA, how has the change been for you and your family?

BE: No, I am bi-coastal. I love LA weather Id never leave and ATL has the best food and GREAT PEOPLE!!!

BJ: Ambitions is a television series you are currently filming, can you tell our readers more about it?

BE: Please get ready for you NEW GULITY PLEASURE its called Ambitions on OWN Mid-June!!! I play Rondell Lancaster who is a Curvy no non sense small business owner and refuses to give up her family legacy for gentrification. Her brother is the Mayor and she will you all her power to WIN!

BJ: Do you have any other projects coming up that you can tell us about?

BE: Yes, I’m so blessed to be on 3 show on 3 networks this season. Family Business on BET you can watch ON DEMAND now, LAST CALL on Bounce you can watch on The Brown Sugar app and NOW as of Mid-June Ambitions on OWN!!!


Now we want our readers to get to know YOU! Please answer these quick questions!

Who is your favorite designer?

My favorite designer is @Christian _Omeshan we recently met but what she has done for prom seasons has me waiting till we can do it again!

Name an actor or actress who is on your dream list to work with?

Meryl Streep

Favorite flavor of ice cream?


Six words the best describe you.

Bold, Loving, Faithful, Reliable, Authentic, Flexible

What is your meaning of a Luxe Beautie?

My meaning for LUXE is The ULTIMATE In Beauty

I had an amazing time interviewing Brely Evans and we love how she is “Breaking Barriers” in Hollywood for us Curvy Beauties! Make sure you follow and support her and lookout out for all of her upcoming shows!!!!

Brandee J ,Editor-in-Chief


Editorial Credits: MUA Rajane Eason @_riprae_ , Production Assistant Robyn Grooms @Finesse_Styles , Photographer Tim Rogers @twrphotography , Wardrobe Shatva Lindsey  @shopourglass and Creative Director Nora Bonds