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Washington, DC

Can you describe yourself in 6 words?

Grateful, Resilient, Steadfast, Intellectual, Comedic and Self-Aware

What makes women attracted to you?

Women, once they’ve recovered from my smile, skin and muscular stature, say that they are usually attracted to my intellect, emotional strong will and unceasing strive for independence as a totally blind man. It also helps that I am a consummate poetic romanticist who is always writing poems, songs and singing.

How important is health and fitness in a marriage?

Health and fitness should be an integral part of a integral marriage or any relationship. Lack of health and fitness can easily affect other major areas in ones life, such as the mental, emotional and spiritual dynamic. In a relationship, I believe it is important to keep yourself healthy and fit so that you feel comfortable in your own skin, but to also remain appealing for your significant other. Adequate health equals better emotions, better mental capacity in a better private
life too.

What’s your daily nutrition like?

In truth, 99% of my diet consists of plant-based foods, however, I do consume sea food one-to-two times a week. I carry the philosophy that carbs and sugar are the enemy, and healthy fats are friends. My diet is rich in organic plant proteins, organic fruits and lots of quinoa.

What advice would you give someone struggling with weight and
self-esteem issues?

It is important to stay the course whether you lose weight or not. I would rather be fat and healthy than skinny and compromised. Also, they should remember that they are their most valuable asset, just as I am my most valuable asset. The trick is to find healthy ways to feel comfortable in your own skin. I was 240 pounds at one point and strove to be healthier and smarter about my body. Sure, the 6 pack is here now, but it was a deeper spiritual test of endurance and striving for my own defined finish line that kept me going.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I still have a lot of living to do, but I do already know what I wish my legacy to be. if through my pain, growth, failures and successes, one person has been touched, inspired or uplifted, my legacy would be real. I thrive on beinig used as an instrument of inspiration. If this blind man did it, what’s your excuse.





Mario Bonds

Waredrobe: Nike Apparel

Stylist: Lemar Jenkins

Photographer: Stefán Scott



“Obstacles cease to exist when the Y becomes greater than the Y not”

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Wedding photographer based in Prince Georges County , MD. He owns and operates Twenty 8 Photography.

“Purpose, Poise, Photograph”

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By: Brandee “Kurvy” J